Unlike common invasive surgeries such as fat transfers, butt implants, cellfina, and liposuction intended to enhance different parts of your body, Vacuum therapy for buttocks uses butt lift machine, which uses suction cups technology. Vacuum therapy is noninvasive and utilizes massage techniques to lift your skin with the aid of suction cups.

Vacuum therapy works efficiently by moving fatty cells from different parts of the body to your buttock tissues. These fats are transferred to your butt area, in turn, enlarges and enhances the appearance of your butt, making it more firm, toned and curved. The vacuum therapy lifting technique also increases the production of collagen in your body, promoting growth hormones that accelerate your butt’s enlargement.

Vacuum therapy is effective in women of all ages but most preferred to women between the age of twenty-five and forty. The fat collected from different parts of your body spreads to the gluteal muscle located in the butt region. The fat shapes your butt using the suction cups during lifting, which gives your butt the desired curve and volume. Vacuum therapy also offers the beauty of eliminating cellulite around the buttocks and thighs.

Our body shapes and size of our buttocks are from our genetics, our skeletal structure, and how our bodies store fat most definitely also affect our butt size and shape. Surgical methods are sometimes terrifying, considering the amount of invasion your body will have to sustain. The fear of your body rejecting its fat, poor healing, not being able to sit directly on your butt for up to eight weeks, recovery time, and how long it takes to see the final results, usually after six months for the Brazilian butt lift and liposuction. It is for such discomforting reasons that vacuum therapy is compelling; it literary has no side effects.

Vacuum therapy also referred to as vacuotherapy or depressomassage, provides deep massaging effects for toning the buttocks. Toning is achieved by reducing muscle tension, speeding lymphatic flow to remove toxins and water retention, and exfoliating the skin. Toning makes the skin smoother and more toned in appearance, stimulating the middle layers of the skin for radical toning effects and reducing cellulite appearance.

You will begin to realize the results of your butt lift almost immediately on your first therapy. However, you need to keep up and be prepared to attend several sessions to attain a more desirable look and feel. The result after your planned sessions, which could be between three to five days a week, is a tighter, voluminous, curvier, and toned butt.

Other benefits of Vacuum therapy for your butt include; muscle stimulation, which is equivalent to regular exercise regimes, tighter and beautiful skin, lymphatic drainage of your system, eliminate cellulite, eliminates toxins from your body and stimulates the production of collagen in your body which promotes gorgeous skin and growth.

Promoting your appearance and making you look more youthful while proportionately balancing your upper body and lower body are also part of the many benefits of vacuum buttock therapy. This therapy is especially desirable, considering it is not surgical rather physical and noninvasive.

How to use a butt lift machine

Buttocks enhancement with vacuum therapy is not technical. The procedure is allowable on medium-sized individuals as it requires a certain amount of fatty tissues to be molded. Oil is applied on your butt, and the cups allowed to rest in that area for at least thirty minutes. This procedure is repeated on different parts of your butt in several sessions until your desired look is achieved. The machine works by:

  1. The vacuum pump in the machine absorbs fat particle and liquid then transfers this fat to the buttocks.
  2. removing toxin and purify lymphatic system, refining skin pore rejuvenates the skin, improves microcirculation, enhances collagen production, lifts drooping muscle, reduce Wrinkle and sagging, activate skin tissues, reduce eye bags and double jaw, 
  3. Stimulating pituitary to produce hormones, enhance muscle tissue elasticity and fiber, resume breast elasticity and softness, lift and develop breast and butt, improve breast and butt shape, and stabilize treatment effect.
  4. Expediting fatty acid transformation, safely and effectively remove excessive fat, reduce weight, slimmer body, eliminate excessive fat on the belly, improve legs, firming up the skin, applied as point percussion therapy, lymphatic detoxification, treat cellulite, reshape buttocks to realize perfect body contour.

Vacuum therapy device works with a medical principle referred to as tension induced growth: The vacuum stretches the butt tissue gently over a predetermined period. When cells are stretched, they automatically respond by swelling temporarily and replicating until, finally, all the cells divide to match the stretch force. The newly developed tissue is identical to your butt tissue, and therefore a more natural look and feel.

Butt development

select butt cup according to your needs then connect the cup and aspirator socket. Ensure you are half-sleep on your stomach, so your butt is up covering your butt with a plastic cloth. Make sure you don’t use cups on sunken buttocks. Put the cup on your butt and leave your butt and the cup in close contact. If you have varying butt sizes, it is better to use the instrument on the smaller side of your butt for about five times before applying them together. Adjust the knobs from weak to secure, and then adjust air pressure until you are comfortable. Within thirty minutes, increase the air pressure knob to the highest point, then adjust the knob’s strength to the lowest point to loosen and remove the cup, then apply the butt-lifting cream.

Vacuum therapy machines also offer a variety of services such as face lifting, breast enlargement, and lifting, cellulite treatment on the stomach area, arms, thighs, and legs. Vacuum therapy is very profitable and, therefore a worthy investment. Vacuum therapy machines are also affordable, and the cost of acquiring one will vary with your location, your treatment extent, and your therapy provider charges. The expenses of vacuum therapy may also not be covered by insurance because it is considered an aesthetic procedure, not a medical need. You should, therefore, check with your insurance service provider.


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