What is ThePhotoStick and Its Benefits?

There are many ways on how to back up our videos, photos, and important files. You can subscribe to iCloud storage, which you need to give out a monthly subscription fee and create an account and password as well. Some find it prone to hacking and stealing your files. There is also an instance that you forget your password, thus retrieving the files hard and complicated. These instances can be prevented with the help of ThePhotoStick. What is Photostick, and how can it help in keeping my data safe and sound? Keep on reading to know more about this product.

What are PhotoStick and the Heck behind the Popularity of this device

ThePhotoStick is a groundbreaking device made to provide convenience in backing up important files in just a matter of seconds. It looks like a typical flash drive that you use. Once you connect it to your laptop, it shows up as a conventional flash drive. You can open it as well as drag the pictures to it. This is one of the best and most reliable portable storing solutions available today.

The Best Option for Cloud Storage

Perhaps you are aware that many people who are using smartphones lose their videos and images from cloud storage due to accidents, or it is already full. People love taking pictures anywhere they go. However, this comes with a problem, like for example you are run out of space. This can be avoided if you have ThePhotoStick in your bag.

What Makes ThePhotoStick Popular?

The best thing about this device is that it is able to hold thousands of videos and pictures. Even if you take many pictures, it is possible to fill that generous space. With this device, you can also free up many spaces on your device by migrating the files regardless of size.

The reason why many people love using this device is that there is no need for extra equipment. All you have to do is to connect this to your device and then transfer your files without needing to plug your phone to a laptop or computer.

Compatibility is also not an issue with this device. This device works on various operating systems, as well as old and modern phones such as iPod Touch, iPad, Android, iPhone, and can be linked to your PC as well as Mac.

ThePhotoStick is considered as the best photostick device for storing photos the best example of straightforwardness and minimalism and organization condensed into a small and handy flash drive that can be brought anywhere you want to go. With this gadget, there is no need to connect your device to a laptop to back up your files or videos.

How to Use ThePhotoStick?

Each video or pictures from your previous gatherings will be backed up in just one strike of a button without using any hard drive. It is considered the most excellent and fastest way of saving your memorable pictures from wear and team or damage.

  • It is easy to use; all you need is to follow these steps:
  • Download and then launch the app
  • After connecting the device to your device, click backup Now. Then this device will take control as well as scan in every nook and cranny of the folders, storing the photos and videos as well as skipping duplicate files.
  • Once the file is backed up, you can go on and get rid of the file on your device to have more space for a new file.

There are many devices for iOS and Android, so you will need to be very careful when picking which one to purchase.

Distinctive Features of this Device

  • It searches as well as sorts out the files
  • It automatically scans, eliminates duplicates contents, and discover files so you can save more memory.
  • Fast backing up of file- thousands of videos and images can be backed up in a few minutes only
  • Backup pictures at your convenience and save time.
  • It doesn’t need creating an account or putting up passwords as well as cloud backups
  • Find the location of the files
  • Onetime payment only

There is No Need of Internet Connection

Backing up your files with the use of the device does not need an internet connection. It is a flash drive both for iPhones and Android devices. So, worry no more about connecting it to the internet first prior to backing ups your files. All you have to do is to insert it into the USP port and click backup.

What to Expect from ThePhotoStick?

This device doesn’t just work on still pictures, but also on videos. Is your hard drive already packed with long and short videos of your birthday parties, wedding, holidays as well as other special events in your life?  You may keep them to serve as a souvenir. photo stick 128gb offers a simple way of moving those pictures and videos off the hard drive without looking for cloud storage. You are able to save those originals videos on the hard drive and then back up to ThePhotoStick, ready for editing and sharing with family and friends.

Various sizes are also available. A lot of users choose the 8GB model, but if you have many videos and photos to save, you can opt to 128GB. Also, there is no need to deal with putting up a file name or switching out the drives to function on various computers. This device is compatible with Windows and Apple powered devices and also functions on iPhone and Android phones. You can utilize the same stick to copying files between or give friends a copy of the files which they can also store in their device.

A lot of people are also astounded on how effective and reliable this product is when keeping the file safe.  It can search and backup thousands of files in ten minutes only. The 8GB can store 3,500 images or videos.


There is no doubt that ThePhotoStick is a valuable device in keeping your file safe and sound. If you are a photographer, a student, an employee who wants to keep the documents and files safe, you should definitely try this device.

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