What is the best webcam for streaming?

If you are planning to become a YouTube, video blogger or a professional live gamer, then you will require a webcam to help you stream your video feeds.

Nowadays, many laptops come with built-in HD webcams. But if you are using a PC, you must have one piece of equipment to stream, quality webcam. Not all webcams can give you what you want; therefore, you have to search for the one that resonates with your needs. You can get plenty of webcams on the market depending on price, models, and what you plan to use it for. However, below, you can choose the best webcam for streaming to launch your career or improve your video quality.

HP HD 4310 Webcam

This is a new webcam packed with powerful features to make your streaming unique and successful. It has an impressive 1080p resolution which makes videos and images sharper. HP has included true vision light adjustment feature on this webcam to automatically adjust the image clarity based on your background lighting level. Therefore, even if you are in a poorly lit room, the webcam enhances your videos to appear great.

This webcam can hit a maximum of 1080p at 30 frames per second. You will have smooth videos that play clearly on your smartphones, laptop, and PC. This webcam can support three-way video calls. If you are a video conferencing person or live streaming, buying this webcam gives you value for your money. Another cool thing with HP HD 4310 Webcam is to stream on Facebook and ability to store your contacts on your PC at a location that you specify

Logitech C922x Pro

Any professional streamer should never miss Logitech C922X pro if they need quality output. It is an excellent feat for the gaming community. The webcam has a 1080p sharp resolution plus a frame rate of 30 FPS, and so far no other webcam surpasses its high level of resolution on the market. It has an auto-correction feature which boosts its automated focus, and that helps to deliver razor-sharp images and videos.

This webcam is a little bit pricey as compared to others in this list, but you will love the result. The last aspect you will love about this webcam is the use of background replacement technology (integrating images on the background scenes) even when you are streaming live videos.

Razor Kiyo

Razor Kiyo is an excellent option for gamers. The webcam is funny looking, and when you compare with other high-end webcams, it lacks fancy additions such as live editing tools on the Mevo Plus and most important things to gamers; image quality and lighting.

Razor Kiyo is designed with a ring light around it which gets rid of shadows and auto-balance lighting in the video. It can combine high FPS (frames per second) for video recording (720p 60FPS & 1080P 30ps) and for chatting. That ability makes it great for Twitch streaming camera. It is a plug and play device which provides easy setup even for the first time streamers. Also, it has impressive performance and supports most of the popular gaming hardware in the industry.


Success in video marketing, video blogging, video conferencing and more depends on a quality and reliable webcam that you choose. It is, therefore, crucial to choose wisely a webcam that will help you to meet your streaming needs.

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