What is the 3-Day Hero in Sedation Detox Program?

Rapid detox treatment programs are available for people who wish to be completely drug-free through an effective, humane, and safe program. A 3-day hero in detox program under sedation will detoxify your body of any drugs that are active. It happens as you are being cared for by a qualified and experienced Medical Doctor (MD), nurses, and paramedics who are certified in Anesthesiology and Addiction Medicine. Any staff you work with will be experienced in and trained for the treatment of rapid detox, and it will be performed in a medical facility that is equipped properly.

On a rapid hero in sedation detoxification, there are two steps: the patient is detoxed, then Naltrexone is administered in order to block receptors, which prevents relapse from occurring. The patient will have an I.V. which administers medication and hydration, as it replenishes electrolytes and vitamins. A close watch is kept on all of your vital signs at all times. Then, the patient is sedated under supervised care by staff. During this stage, any hero in is flushed out from the receptors within the body by administering a hero in antagonist. The IV administers specific medications during this time as well. 

Staff is present at all times until the process is completed. With this program, patients won’t feel the pain of withdrawal as the rapid detox takes place, since they’re sedated throughout the process. Naltrexone therapy is applied; Naltrexone is a blocker that can be used to not only decrease cravings, but to prevent hero in from reaching the receptors of the brain again. The preferred way Naltrexone is administered is with an implant that goes underneath the skin. Over two months, this implant dissolves by itself, which means it won’t require removal. In order for the receptors within the brain to fully heal, it’s recommended that patients continue to take Naltrexone for a year.

You will be monitored continuously as an in-patient before, during, and after the treatment has been performed. Usually, patients stay in a nearby hotel and are cleared to be discharged within a day, after a care program and medical examination has been set in place. After the detox program has been completed, the patient will be discharged in two days, hence the 3-day program. Since one opiate is not substituted for another, patients leave completely drug free. You can continue to receive care, go back to work, visit your friends and family, and return to your normal everyday life a lot sooner than you’d be able to if you used detox methods that are more traditional. 

In order to continue to be drug-free, it’s important to recognize that a rapid detox program is simply the first step to recovery when it comes to drug dependence. After the treatment is completed, there are further steps that the patient is invited to follow, such as continuing to take Naltrexone as a blocker, and seeking rehabilitation and psychological support from a professional.

Everyone is different, so patients are assessed individually to determine what kind of aftercare is necessary for them, and which fits their lifestyle and their specific needs.

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