What Is So Great About RTA Cabinets?

The cost of designing, updating, or remodeling a kitchen can be daunting. It is a challenge to achieve the quality that you are targeting while keeping expenses down. Luckily, you can choose ready-to-assemble cabinetry. RTA cabinets are finding their way into more and more kitchens over the last decade and can be found conveniently at online sites such as Walcraft Cabinetry. There are many advantages to choosing these products, including their cost, versatility, and the quality you can find in these products. If you are ready and able to assemble and install the cabinets yourself, these are a great choice. Let’s take a look at what makes the best RTA cabinets so great.

RTA Cabinets are Priced Right

As far as price, kitchen cabinets span an entire range. Fortunately, RTA cabinets are on the affordable side. Because they are unassembled, manufacturers can charge less. You choose which parts you would like in your RTA setup. Because of this, you can customize the units without paying tons of amounts of money like you would with a full custom cabinet. Stock cabinets can work for some kitchens, but the style and size options are limited. With the money that you save by purchasing RTA cabinets, you can funnel your surplus budget into other kitchen updates such as countertops, flooring, and appliances. 

RTA Cabinets Offer Versatility

If you go shopping at a home improvement store, you can find a decent-looking product. However, you are stuck with the limited choices they sell. If you know – to the tiniest detail -how you want your kitchen to look, stock cabinets are likely not the answer. With RTA cabinets, however, you can choose what your cabinets will look like, to fit any style of kitchen or design that you need. All you have to do is assemble them at home. The variety of RTA cabinets has increased significantly over the years, and there are many styles and combinations you can choose from today.

RTA Cabinets are High-Quality

Like any kitchen cabinet, the quality of RTA models can vary greatly. In general, though, you can obtain consistently excellent RTA products made with the finest materials, especially compared to stock cabinets. The best RTA models include exceptional components: dovetail drawers, smooth and noiseless glides, soft-close hinges, and top-notch hardwoods for their frames. Many stock models use cheaper materials throughout, such as particle board instead of plywood. This difference can be deal breaking later. By skimping on quality materials and using cheap hardware and wood veneers, those stock cabinets can deteriorate rapidly. Drawers can warp or stick, boxes sag, and those shoddy materials are easily damaged. The result is a kitchen that has quickly lost its luster.

A Winning Combination

If you are up to assemble them, RTA cabinets are ideal for your kitchen upgrade. They are customizable and versatile, allowing you to match any style you have in mind. They cost much less than other types of cabinets, which can leave more cash in your pocket to put towards other improvements. Best of all, they consist of durable, high-quality materials, which will help your kitchen look amazing for years to come.