What is IPL Hair Removal

Hair removal is of major importance to many people. They prefer to remove unwanted hair for various reasons, but when there is an excessive amount of hair, it can often be an embarrassment. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair, but most people prefer an easy method. To easily remove hair with no ingrown hairs and no razor burn, IPL Hair Removal (Intense Pulsed Light) may be an option. With many advancements over the years, it has become easy and noninvasive, and following the treatment, skin looks smooth and silky, much more so than after other hair removal treatments.

What is IPL Hair Removal? It is a safe permanent treatment that uses a broadband pulsed light source to target the melanin in the hair follicle. This causes damage to the root and keeps hair from growing back. In the event hair does begin to grow back, treatments for maintenance may be necessary. To begin with, IPL was created to treat vascular conditions. Beyond that, it was used to treat conditions such as dry eyes, pigmented skin, and aging. It can also be used for the progression of skin laxity and collagen generation, but one of its most useful purposes is hair removal.

Using the IPL Hair Removal system, hair can be removed in the privacy of your home with minor or no pain. It can be used on any part of the body, including Brazilian and the face, but take care not to get near the eyes. The areas treated most commonly are the upper lip, the chin, the back, the chest, the legs, the underarms, and the bikini line. Although most anyone can use it, it is an especially good treatment for people with sensitive skin. It is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed in the United States. A couple of the best things are that it only takes a few minutes, and there is no downtime.

Other benefits of IPL Hair Removal include cost and time. There is no expense of a salon or clinic, and although in the beginning it must be done more regularly at home, there are no trips to the salon or clinic. Although each person’s results are different, most people start noticing a decrease of hair after three or four treatments, and after about 12 treatments, they see complete results. In addition, IPL Hair Removal is virtually pain-free. Some say that there is a mild sting or has the feeling of being popped with a rubber band, but no actual pain. It has also been stated that the at-home systems are much more comfortable than those in salons or clinics. For these reasons, its popularity has grown significantly.

Another advantage to IPL Hair Removal is that, unlike many other hair removal treatments, you do not have to let the hair grow out. In fact, it is recommended that you shave the areas with unwanted hair prior to treatment. Avoid using other hair removal methods between treatments. Doing so could remove the root, which is the target point of the light from the IPL Hair Removal.

There are several different IPL Hair Removal handheld devices with various options to meet specific hair removal needs. They are powered by a rechargeable battery. They fit well in a hand and are also easy to maneuver, further making this a good option for those wanting to remove unwanted hair, especially in the privacy of their own home.

IPL Hair Removal is rising in popularity for those who are wanting to rid themselves of unwanted hair. It leaves one with silky smooth skin following hair removal, a great deal more so than other treatments. The ease of use combined with the effectiveness make this intense pulsed light method an ideal option.






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