What is BodyTite & How Does it Work?

Usually, people want to look and feel good in their skin, and this can only happen when they can shed some weight or do away with unwanted fat in their bodies. At times, people get body shamed or uncomfortable when others talk about their body weight, and this can lead them to make drastic decisions, which may have negative results at the end. Also, some people who have tried different means of shedding weight but has been unsuccessful may feel down, and this can cause any form of mental illness for them.

However, all this does not have to happen if people opt for BodyTite, which is one of the fastest and safest ways to remove fat from the body, with the use of non-surgical methods. Over the years, there have been records of people who went for plastic surgery and did not like how they looked when they came out, but there are others who got exactly what they wanted. This goes out to say that it is not every time that surgical methods work, and since it is a gamble, people may soon lose interest in it. Therefore, BodyTite under Dr. Robert Whitfield has been able to shed some light on the benefits of this procedure, and how people do not have to play a 50/50 gamble with parts of their body.

BodyTite is the process or method of removing fat from the body with a device that has nothing to do with surgery, and this may sound unbelievable, but it is done by tightening the skin to make it firm and beautiful. Dr. Robert Whitfield has been able to confirm that this process can be a life-changing experience for anyone who has either been through plastic surgery or not.

The process of BodyTite works mainly by causing intense heat on two surfaces; the first being a cannula, which is usually placed under the skin so that the radio frequency energy goes into it and the skin immediately. This process is enough to affect the dermis, connective tissue, and deep fat in the body, and tighten the skin in the process.

The first positive sign of BodyTite is when the area where it was applied is tightened and firm, then it means that the process was a big success. This treatment, also, can be done in an office with local anesthesia, depending on what the patient wants. There are areas in the body that BodyTite is very useful, and they include;

The Arms

So many people complain of their arms and how it takes the time to fit it into clothes, but with BodyTite, the arm area can be tightened to make it firm and beautiful. Also, arm lifters are welcome to make use of BodyTite as it is beneficial to them.


People no longer love having saggy breasts because it makes them uncomfortable, and they’re unable to wear their perfect bikinis, so BodyTite can help to tighten the muscles around the breast to make it firm and perky.


The thighs have one of the most stubborn fat in the body, but you do not need surgical methods to take this fat out when you have BodyTite that can help you tighten the loose muscles around the thigh.


This is the area where people love to show off a lot when they go to parties or go on dinner dates, but t gets annoying when the abdomen fat starts to protrude, but with BodyTite, things could get better in a moment.

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