What is anti-microbial paint and why do you need it now?

Paint has been an inevitable part of house decorations for thousands of years. From naturally extracted paint that was used by our ancestors to the modern chemically created long-lasting paint option, we have come a long way, discovering new coatings for your home, office and other living spaces we touch in our lives.

However, a new niche market has been developed for antimicrobial paint, which is widely become the choice of the modern property owners. Available in vibrant color options, this paint bring you the assurance of environmental friendly applications while casting an amazing spell on your visitors and guests. The expert painters at recommend the use of antimicrobial paint in your living spaces to bring more efficacy, hygiene and protection frim the invisible enemies. So what exactly is antimicrobial paint and why is it in great demand? Let us decode it today:

What is antimicrobial paint?

Any paint can be made antimicrobial by adding Antimicrobial paint additives. These additives when mixed in a paint, coating, ink or lacquer during the manufacturing process, enable them to become resistant to microbes. Suitable for painting a range of surfaces, the paint can fight bacteria, germs and viruses that pollute your living spaces.

Key benefits of antimicrobial paint


Long lasting protection from microbes:

The antimicrobial paint provides you long-lasting protection from harmful bacteria, fungi and molds. The paint with antimicrobial additive, has amazing ability to minimize staining, fight bad odors, and avoid material degradation. Basically, the paint will destroy the breeding grounds of microbes, protecting your walls from getting infested.

Durability at its best:

Because of anti-microbial characteristics, these paints do not show early signs of wear and tear. You do not experience paint leeching, discoloration or any other damage to the final finish of the wall paint. An additive rich paint will last long, probably much longer than its expected life.


They do not wear or tear, they do not let microbes to survive and a coat of them lasts for long, what else do you need from a paint? An anti-microbial paint saves you a lot of resources including money as you do not have to repaint the property every alternate year.

Options are endless:

Because of the rising demand for anti-microbial paint, the industry is blooming in an exponential rate. You can find endless options when it comes to color, finish and quality. Moreover, you also get option in what type of additives you need as different additives have different abilities to fight microbes.

Sold by premium brands only:

As the antimicrobial paint manufacturing demands great knowledge and availability of resources, only reputed paint brands are actively manufacturing these paints. Brand names like Akzo Nobel, HMG Paints, Teknos, etc. are the key manufacturers and indeed the market leaders when it comes to efficacy and reliability of the products.

While antimicrobial paint application is a great way to preserve your property while enhancing its aesthetical value, choosing the right paint isn’t easy. Moreover, it is important that it is applied by an expert only to reap the best benefits. Experts recommend to engage industry specialist painters for your antimicrobial paint application job and make your home prepared to fight the microbes.


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