What Gifts To Buy 10 Year Old Boys for Any Occasion?

Are you searching for gift ideas for 10 year old boys? If yes, then you might be stuck in a challenging situation as you wish to gift something that entertains and engages them without too much complication. You might also want to buy a gift that requires imagination and attention and helps them learn about new things.

Most of the 10 year old boys love to play toy games, but some like advanced car racing kits, brain games, puzzles, etc. So it would be better if you have a look at different gift ideas and then choose the best one as per your preference. To make it easy for you, we have gathered some of the best gift ideas for 10 year old boys to help you narrow down your search and choose the gift in no time.

Gaming related gift ideas for 10 year old boys:

  • Laser Remote Control Car:

Boys love to race cars as they experience the thrill and enthusiasm of car racers through games. Hence, you can choose a laser remote control car that moves the car not only on the floor but also on the wall and ceiling. This gift will be the best option if your 10 year old kid is interested in creating his own car collection.

  • Basketball hoop:

A basketball hoop will help your kid spend some quality time playing sports and sharpening their basketball skills. This hoop fits perfectly on a sand-filled base and comes with an adjustable height. Thus, it will be useful for your kid to continue the fun and entertainment for at least 3-4 years or more. The basketball hoop can also fit into the house, but you have to be careful with other things as well.

  • Think Fun Rush Hour Logic Game:

Do you want to buy a game that helps a 10 year old boy enhance his logical thinking? If yes, then this Think Fun Rush Hour game would be a perfect choice. This game includes a traffic jam scenario with 4 blocking trucks, 11 blocking cars, a traffic grid, and a red car. There are 40 challenges for beginners as well as expert players. The challenges test the problem-solving and math skills of kids as they need to slide the cars around the grid to get the red car out.

  • BrainBolt brain teaser memory game:

This game consists of a sequence of lights that the player needs to follow accurately to stay in the game. Thus, it works as a brain teaser and gives a workout to the brain. You can select this gift idea for 10 year old boys as they would feel interested and entertained with the game.

  • Car Racing Set:

A car racing set would include remote controls, cars, and a track where the kids would race their cars. This game will excite the kids and help them push their need for speed. It would also make them jump with joy as they can add another car masterpiece into their car’s collection.

Activities related gift ideas for 10 year old boys:

  • Magnetic Dart Board:

Kids love gifts that entertain them, and hence, you can choose a magnetic dartboard which they can place in their room and play whenever they want. You don’t have to worry about their safety as the kid’s magnetic dartboard is created with safe objects.

  • Kids Walkie Talkies:

If you want to involve your kids in playful activities, then look for kid’s walkie talkies as they can have fun with it. They can connect and talk with their friends next door or play with siblings around the house. These walkie talkies come with a 9000-ft range, 22 channels, and good quality sound.

  • Bicycle:

Every 10 year old boy dreams of having his own bicycle so that he can ride along the park or near the house’s street in their free time. Hence, you can choose a dashing bicycle of their favourite colour. Make sure you check the durability and other parts of the bicycle that ensures your kid’s safety.

You should check the brake system and the height of the bicycle so that your kid feels comfortable and safe while riding it on the road. Make sure you buy a helmet and pads along with the bicycle so that the kid can enjoy his ride without any worries.

  • Robot Brigade Mini Drone:

Boys love remote control toys, and to add a twist in this gift item, you can choose a robot brigade mini drone, which is one of the coolest toys for 10 year old boys. Kid’s drones have become popular in recent times as they are small and come as a combination of toys and robots. These drones don’t need a remote controller to fly.

The kids have to just hold their hands under the drone, and it will keep hovering around with them. It has automated sensors for stability. You will also get a USB charger and built-in batteries, which make it easier for the kid to fly his first mini drone as soon as he receives the gifts.

  • Kids Binoculars:

Kids are keen on exploring things in the backyard or in the park. Thus, you can gift them a binocular, which they would love to carry while hanging out with the family. They can have fun watching birds, outdoor activities occurring in faraway streets, exploring, etc.

Almost all kid’s binoculars are designed with colours and patterns that excite the small children. They have efficient grip, excellent focus, and soft material, which make the kid feel safer. They are also made shockproof to avoid any damage in case the kid drops them accidentally.

  • Art Set:

If you 10 years old kid is fond of creativity, choose a big art set containing watercolours, crayons, pencils, pastels, markers, etc. He will love to explore his creative skills and enhance them with your special and useful gift item.


While looking for gift ideas for 10 year old boys, make sure you choose something that either excites or entertains them. If you do so and follow these gift ideas, you would be able to get a perfect gift for your kid.

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