What Does Marine Collagen Do For Your Body?

Most beauty products today contain collagen, which is beneficial for one’s skin. Basically, there are different kinds of collagen, such as chicken collagen, porcine collagen, bovine collagen, and marine collagen.

Collagen from chicken, pigs, and cows are extracted from their cartilage and skin. These are type II collagen, which are beneficial for tendons and joints. These are more common than marine collagen, which is a Type I and Type III collagen.

But, what makes marine collagen a good choice? What does it do for your body?

Marine Collagen – What Should You Know?

Marine collagen, also referred to as fish collagen, is extracted from the scales or meat of fish. It has exceptional bioavailability (rate of absorption of the food in one’s bloodstream to the intestinal wall) in comparison to some animal sources. Thus, marine collagen enters your bloodstream quicker than other kinds of collagen, making it the perfect collagen for replenishing the collagen stores of the body.

Marine collagen is Type I collagen, which means that it’s a building block to have flexible and strong bones, connective tissues, and skin. It can also promote the production of natural collagen in the skin, which can improve your sagging skin and make your skin more hydrated and look smoother.

With this in mind, expect to enjoy a younger-looking skin once you regularly take marine collagen supplements.

What Can Marine Collagen Do For Your Body?

There are several benefits of using marine collagen; it isn’t only beneficial for the skin, but it can also improve your body’s overall condition.

Below are some of the amazing things that marine collagen can do for your body:

1. Improves One’s Bone Strength

Based on a study, even if it doesn’t have minerals that are associated with one’s bone health, it shows that marine collagen can boost the absorption level of minerals, like phosphorus and calcium, in the body.

Due to its increased absorption, it also increases the activity of osteoblasts, which are the cells in the bones that are responsible for mineralizing and synthesizing bones.

2. Supports Elasticity, Hydration, and Firmness of the Skin

If you want to achieve a youthful-looking and healthy skin, collagen is the best solution. With natural marine collagen, it can help you improve the structural integrity of your skin, making it much healthier and smoother.

3. Enhances Body Composition and Protein Intake

Proper protein intake has something to do with your immune system function, muscle repair, lean body mass, and body weight. It can also give you a boost in your athletic performance by enabling your body to build muscles.

Like other sources of proteins, marine collagen doesn’t contain carbohydrates or fat. But, it has proline, which is a building block of proteins and necessary for protein synthesis. With this, you’ll be able to boost your lean body mass.

4. Reduces Wrinkles

Marine collagen can improve the ability of your skin to retain suppleness and moisture. In addition to that, it protects your skin from further damage that can result in reduced firmness and elasticity.

It can also heal your skin faster through replenishing the required collagen to make new tissues.

5. Stabilizes One’s Blood Sugar Levels

When compared to other kinds of collagen, marine collagen contains high levels of glycine. A study shows a connection between poor intolerance of glucose and low glycine level and suggests that glycine can prevent insulin resistance. So, supplementation of marine collagen can be beneficial to stabilize blood sugar levels.

6. Inhibits Infection Growth

Colagencin is an antibacterial peptide found in marine collagen and found to inhibit the growth of infections. In a study, colagencin inhibits the growth of staph infection or Staphylococcus Locus. This is a serious and highly contagious infection.

7. Lowers Bad Cholesterol Level

Based on a study, supplementation of marine collagen can lower bad cholesterol levels and boost the amount of good cholesterol, which improves one’s heart health.

The Bottom Line

Marine collagen supplementation may benefit you in many ways. Aside from being a good source of collagen and protein for those who don’t want to eat meat or follow a certain diet, it also has a high amount of Type I collagen, which is commonly found in one’s body. However, you have to take note that marine collagen must not be considered as a complete protein as it only contains 8 amino acids. While it has some amino acids that you won’t find in today’s diets, consuming protein from different sources is still important.

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