What Does Kratom Do?

Kratom is an herbal substance that is native to Southeast Asia. It comes from the plant Mitragyna speciosa. It grows in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Based on the regions it grows, kratom has many strains. All of them have different effects.

You can find all the famous kratom strains at this kratom store. If you are new to kratom, you should learn everything about it before using it. The effects of kratom vary from person to person but common effects are necessary to learn. So, let’s learn what kratom does to your body and mind!

Introduction to Kratom

Before learning the effects of kratom on your body, you must know the basics of it. Kratom is illegal in Thailand because some people abuse it. But people also use it for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. 

There are many medicinal benefits of kratom. It even replaces opioids so it is a great opioid withdrawal. Therefore, it is legal in the US, UK, and some other parts of the world. 

Growth of Kratom

The growth of kratom requires specific temperature, humidity level, and pH level. All these factors are available in Southeast Asia. Due to which, the best kratom grows there. You can grow kratom at your home too but it would be very difficult.

Besides the main kratom strain, due to different harvesting and drying processes, many new strains have come to the market too. The usage of such strains is increasing day by day. 

Method of Consumption

There are different methods to consume kratom. But some methods are more famous than others. 

The most famous method of consuming kratom is the toss and wash method. But this method is not suitable for people who don’t like the taste of kratom. The bitter taste of kratom makes some people nauseous. So, for such people, kratom capsules are more suitable.

Some people also make tea or coffee using kratom leaves. Using kratom leaves to make coffee in the morning can keep you active throughout the day. 

Other methods of consuming kratom include smoking or snorting it. These methods are not suggested because they have adverse side effects. The real purpose of getting medicinal benefits is not achieved by these methods. So, avoid using kratom in such ways.

Strains of Kratom

There are three strains of kratom based on the color of the vein of kratom leaves. These strains are named as:

  • Red Vein Kratom
  • Green Vein Kratom
  • White Vein Kratom

Kratom strains are also described by the region where they grow. On that basis, there are many kratom strains. These strains are:

  • Bali Kratom
  • Indo Kratom
  • Kali Kratom
  • Malay Kratom
  • Thai Kratom, etc.

Kratom strains based on vein colors differ in their properties too. The different vein color is achieved by different harvesting time. 

Red vein kratom is a mature strain because it is harvested late. The white vein is harvested the earliest. Green vein kratom is somewhere between red and white vein kratom. The effects of green veins are also a mixture of red and white vein kratom.

What Does Kratom Do?

After you know the basics of kratom, it is time to learn what kratom does to your body and mind. There are many effects of kratom due to which people use it. Let’s find out all the common and uncommon kratom effects!


Some kratom strains sedate you and help you fall asleep better. The level of sedation depends upon the strain and the dosage. Some strains don’t have sedation effects while others are famous for it.

Due to this effect, kratom is a good substance to improve your sleep quality. People suffering from insomnia take kratom to fall asleep. 

Moreover, people who can’t fall asleep due to stress or body pain also take kratom. It helps them to fall asleep by relieving pain, stress, and sedating them.

Pain Relief

Kratom is a natural substance that is a good pain reliever. It works like an opioid and binds the brain’s opioid receptors. As a result, symptoms of body pain and sore muscles are reduced. 

People suffering from chronic pain use kratom to relieve pain. Even after a tiring day, kratom can be helpful as it relaxes your body. 

Red vein kratom is the best strain to relieve pain.

Anxiety, Stress and Depression Relief

The ingredients of kratom help to reduce anxiety and stress from your body. It cancels out unnecessary thoughts from your mind and relaxes you. 

As kratom is a pain reliever and depression is like the pain of mind, it reduces the symptoms of depression too. 


Some kratom strains energize your body and mind. It provides you euphoria and helps you stay active throughout the day. People use it as a morning coffee and stay motivated all day long. 

When you use kratom for this purpose, you can do all your tasks more efficiently. 

Kratom is a great stimulant. It also increases your mind’s focus and you can think of things. It clears your mind from negative thoughts and allows only good thoughts. As a result, you can work better and think better. 

White vein kratom is the best energy provider. 

Enhanced Sexual Performance

When all these factors are combined, they also enhance your sexual performance. More excitement and energy results in a better job. Moreover, when your muscles are relaxed, you can perform better.

Many people have reported that the use of kratom has increased their timing and improved their performance. 

But you shouldn’t use it too often or you might face some side effects. 


Kratom is an herbal substance that is good for everything. You can use it for pain, stress, energy, opioid withdrawal, etc. this is the reason why kratom is so famous nowadays.

Moreover, there are so many kratom strains that every person can find suitable strains. So, which kratom strain is your personal favorite? 

Make sure you use kratom in a suitable dosage. A high dosage of kratom can cause some adverse side effects. So, be careful while using any such substance.

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