What does a neurologist in Queens do?

Our everyday life is full of stresses and emotional filling. Living at a fast pace, we forget about physical activity and proper nutrition. All these factors reflect on our health and especially our nervous system. You should consult a neurologist in Queens, NY when you feel a headache, disturbance of consciousness, have bad coordination, and problems with memory.


The direction of work of a doctor

A neurologist is a real specialist who is engaged in the treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as disorders of neural connections and illnesses associated with them. Most often, people seek help with migraines, constant headaches, and chronic back pain.

These disorders may be related to physiological problems, nor nervous ones, through the person’s lifestyle. But a doctor also can give advice. A neurologist in Forest Hills, NY works with multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, myopathy, vertigo, dementia, etc. So, you can be sure our clinic will find a way to improve your health.

A neurologist in Queens will offer you physical tests to examine your body. When he or she will use modern equipment for diagnoses of the disease. Only after these steps a neurologist in Queens, NY develops a plan of curing personally for you due to the symptoms and possible contraindications. Specialists have qualifications and experience working with multiple complex illnesses. Therefore, you can rely on them.

Treatment of neurological conditions

A neurologist in Forest Hills, NY applies various methods of curing which give the best-desired result. Certainly, all of them have their own benefits and disadvantages. However, there is no means with one hundred percent absence of temporary current effects. We provide comprehensive assistance including consultations, drug treatment, and physical therapy in some situations. In addition, a neurologist in Queens, NY offers:

  • magnesium infusion for headaches. This natural component has no side effects and has a positive influence on nervous cells. Magnesium takes a part in the transmission of nerve impulses and regulates muscle metabolism, fights seizures, and protects the cardiovascular system;
  • complex infusion which fights the fatigue and drowsiness;
  • injections from natural minerals to eliminate chronic pain syndrome and fibromyalgia; They have rapid effects on the body;
  • steroids and lidocaine for neck pain, muscle injections; They stimulate the healing process, promote calcium retention in the bones, increase the mass of skeletal muscle, activate protein synthesis;
  • botox and exercise sweating needed for headaches, stiffness in the arms, especially after a stroke. Botox makes people more positive, inhibits nervous impulses, reducing pain in such a way.




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