What Do You Mean by Paint by Numbers?

The paint by number is a technique that makes it easier for the artisans to draw. It comes with a kit basically on which a number is marked on it in a very light font which means the opacity if the marked number is very low. In the kit, color pigments of the numbers are stored in the boxes divided into their different compartments. It is important to keep in mind that you wash your paintbrush each time you use a new color pigment of number.

The color by number kit was invented by Max S. Klein who was an engineer and Dan Robbins who was a commercial artist in the year 1950. Max S. Klein was also the owner of the Palmer Paint Company of Detroit in Michigan. After that, the new version of color by number came such as crayon by number.

What is the history behind the color by number?

This technology was first used in the year 1923 which was actually created by Palmer Show Card Paint Company. The owner of this company Mr. Max S. Klein went to the commercial artist Dan Robbins to work on his new project. Craft Master Brand was introduced by them in the year 1951 finally after so many tries and error method and this product were sold for about 12 million units.

The response of the public was so overwhelmed that the other companies started introducing their own version of the kit such as in the name of crayon by number. In the year 1960, the first famous painting of the image of Mars was painted by color by number. Now Smithsonian Museum of American History, have all the archival materials of the original company as the daughter of Mr. Max Klein, Jacquelyn Schiffman donated all the materials when the owner died in the year 1993. The museum has a different compartment in the memories of Mr. Max Klein under the name “Paint by Number Collection”.

Where are the museums where “paint by number collection” is displayed?

In New York City, Michael O’Donoghue and Trey Speegle organized a show in the year 1992 of the collection of O’Donoghue’s paint by number. The show was performed at the Bridgewater/Lustberg Gallery. After the death of the commercial artist, O’Donoghue’s in the year 1994, his collections were exhibited by Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History exhibited.

Now, it is owned by Speegle in the year 2001 who owns the paint by number by the other artists also as claimed by the website. On the 60th anniversary of the Dan Robbins and Palmer Paint Products, Inc in May 2011 introduced to the market a new set of paint by numbers kit.

How to Paint by number?

All you have to do is first buy a kit from our website just like you buy a painting when you like it. The default size of the painting is 40×50 cm if it is not specified and you will receive the paint by number kit as soon as you purchase it.

Once you have received the kit, now you have to start painting. You must keep in mind that you must work in a large area that is free from the clutter and space has an abundant amount of light so that you are able to see it clearly and start from the top of the canvas.

Step by step you have to follow the number and complete it and a beautiful painting will be obtained. And then you can use it as a showpiece at your home. There are many categories to choose from the kit of paint by number as such for animals, birds, children, flower, landscape, cartoon, Christmas and Halloween, religion and many more.

What are some of the best tips and tricks to draw a beautiful painting by paint by number technique?

The main and very important point is to start from the descending order which means starting from the large area and move towards the small area. And no such smudging will happen and will save your time as well. It is the easiest way to paint. You have to use a dark color first and then apply the light one.

You must move from the dark color to the light color to get better effects of the colors due to the different composition of dark and light. Use the correct color for the corresponding number to get a logical painting in the result. You must follow the sequence in a proper manner in order to lessen the confusion and you must work on the next side till the previous area gets dry to prevent the smudging.

It is important to keep in mind that you wash your paintbrush well before dipping into the new color or else new composition will be developed and you will not get the desired color you want on your painting. To make your painting look neat and natural, it is important to hide the numbers using the color.

You have to apply the second layer of color and let it dry for some time, this will help you in hiding the number and gives you a stunning result in return. It is important to start from the top area and then move to the lower side of the painting to prevent smudging. A negligence accident can happen which can ruin your painting if in case you slide your hand on the wet area by mistake.

To prevent the drying of your paint colors, you must always close the cap when you are done with them or else they will become useless for you. Do not forget to wash your paintbrush every time you switch to the new color as it will maintain the texture of your painting. You need to be precise in the case of the amount of paint you are using and it must be enough to cover an area.


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