What Do You Do in Rehab? A Typical Day in Recovery

What do you do in rehab? What are the meals like? Are there actual doctors? Good questions. Here’s what a typical day in rehab looks like.

Often, the fear of not understanding something can hold us back. Not knowing what goes on at a rehab facility could scare you away from getting the help you need.

Today we’ll pull back the curtain on rehab. Facilities design treatment programs to help break bad habits that lead to drug and alcohol abuse. These programs are quite different than your outside life, and that’s intentional!

Reworking your life into a substance-free and healthier way of living requires a commitment to your chosen rehab program. What’s it like? Keep reading if you’ve ever wondered, “what do you do in rehab?”

What Do You Do?

Rehab isn’t a vacation, even for the most resort-like facilities. The best drug rehab programs have a strict daily schedule that keeps you moving from one aspect of treatment to the next.

A typical day in rehab includes waking up at the same time, scheduled meals, and assigned therapy sessions. You’ll participate in individual therapy sessions, as well as support groups. Depending on your needs, you’ll also have recreation time. 

Most patients in rehab must also follow standards for keeping your room clean and organized, daily showers, and grooming. 

What Are the Meals Like?

Chances are, your addiction lifestyle didn’t involve three well-balanced meals a day. As your body rids itself of addictive substances, you need good nutrition to help rebuild your strength and manage the effects of withdrawal. 

While in rehab, you’ll report to a dining area for three meals a day. In most cases, you’ll eat with a group of others during recovery. 

Food includes nutritious meals to help you recover. If you have dietary needs or restrictions, your facility can help accommodate those details. 

Are There Doctors? 

From therapists to medical doctors, most rehab facilities have onsite doctors. When patients first arrive at rehab, they experience a period of detox. Depending on the severity of your addiction, detox and withdrawal symptoms can be severe. 

A doctor or nurse closely monitors a rehab patient throughout the detox process. They have experience and resources to help a person in withdrawal deal with the physical symptoms, including stomach pain, nausea, headaches, or seizures. While doctors might not stay in the facility 24/7, rehab facilities usually have an on-call medical professional in case of an emergency. 

For therapy during your stay in rehab, most facilities offer licensed psychiatrists and therapists. They participate in one-on-one counseling sessions with patients. Therapists also lead group therapy sessions and other types of behavioral or occupational therapy, including art therapy. 

What Do You Do In Rehab? Heal

When wondering, “what do you do in rehab,” the most important thing is healing! You might not love the food served or recreational activities. Withdrawal is difficult, and doctors and therapists aren’t there to be your friends. 

However, choosing to participate in rehab is a healthy decision. Don’t let the details stop you from healing from a lifestyle of substance abuse. 

We hope you found this information helpful! Be sure to browse more of our articles. 

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