What Are Your Prime Considerations When Building A New House?

Building a new home can be incredibly stressful. Not only is it time consuming and disruptive to everyday life – but the costs can put a serious dent in a family’s bank account. Given the levels of stress involved in the process, it can be extremely easy to let aspects of the project slip – and overlook essential details. once this happens a project plan can begin to unravel – with delays and extra costs becoming a burden on the person building the home.

However, building a new home is a process – and a project plan with deliverable dates, costs and processes is one of the best ways to avoid the unexpected. Even prior to the first brick being laid there are decisions that have to be made.

The first of these is to select the land where the home will be built. The correct selection of the land is extremely important. Consider the aspect and location carefully. The size of the land and its shape will dictate your options as far as the design of the home is concerned. It will also influence how much garden you will have available. these are important considerations to take into account due to their impact on your lifestyle.

Once you have made an informed decision on the land it is time to approach the design of the home. There are advanced software packages that can be bought online that will enable the average computer savvy person to at least make preliminary design decisions – and decisions about the ‘flow’ of the home to be built. However, it is recommended that the aspirant homeowner consults with an architect and any other relevant professionals prior to making that decision on the design of the home. Those building new homes may require advice on such issues as the orientation of the home, window area, and other issues (for example) – both of these will influence the warming and cooling of the home – and have a significant impact on both comfort and energy bills. 

When talking about the design of the home there is another important consideration – and that is just how the home will contribute to a great lifestyle. Imagine an ordinary day – and leisure time. What do you want from home? Would you like a sheltered outdoor area where you can entertain? Will you require a home office? Would you like to have access to parts of the garden where you can grow herbs? Would your family enjoy a built-in barbecue area – is a deck part of your plans? All these questions and many more need to be answered prior to meeting with a qualified architect.

The size of your home will depend on those important lifestyle issues – but that size will have to take into account cost and future requirements. perhaps it is better to start small and make sure that the home that is built will allow for the easy addition of rooms and leisure areas. For many people mentally balancing the idea of space and ‘usable space’ can be challenging. This is another reason that the advice of a skilled and experienced architect can be invaluable.

Finally, there is the issue of selecting your new home builder. The temptation to go for the lowest price is tempting. However, your future happiness is at stake. Take into account issues such as reputation and history of completed projects, as well as projects that resemble the home that you want. If it makes you feel more comfortable – ask for contactable references. Once again your architect is a great source of advice.

Your home is probably the biggest single investment you will make in your lifetime. Research and careful consideration are both essential. Mistakes in the planning process can cost you dearly in the future.

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