What are the Worst Behaviors That Lead to Divorce?

Breaking up is the easiest thing you can do. Same thing goes for the divorce, as well.

Staying in love with the person that means everything in your life is hard if you don’t know how to deal with any obstacles on your road.

Maybe you won’t agree with me, but if you take a deep thought, you’ll see that only quitters quit.

The winners are trying and focusing their attention to deal with the problem and move on.

Of course, you can’t forget some things when it comes to marriage. We all know what they are, but our attention is the behavior that leads to divorce or breakup.

I don’t know if you heard that the divorce rate in the US is up to 50%.

How did the world get there?

Married people are not able to notice when something is wrong. As I said, the easiest way of dealing with the particular problem is quitting.

According to psychologists, four behaviors predict divorce before it happens.

Let’s check them out.

  1. Lack of Communication


This one is the first indicator that something is wrong in the whole relationship. Ignoring the discussion for doing something totally unrelated will make your partner feel uncomfortable and unappreciated.

When this continues for weeks, there is a big chance your partner to snap and come to a big argument that could lead to divorce.

Open and honest communication is crucial for a healthy relationship. If you feel like the communication in your relationship is weak, try to make it active again.

When the communication suffers, the whole relationship suffers.

  1. Expressing Negative Feelings

David Wolfe
David Wolfe

Sharing with the love of your life everything that happens with you is amazing. That’s how marriage works, but you can’t focus on all the negative feelings.

Imagine if both of you share ONLY negative feelings with each other. Your moments together will be black and tear you apart.

Try focus on the positive things, as well. That’s how you are going to stress yourself and the whole relationship de.

  1. Decrease in Affection


Maybe this is the first more serious divorce indicator. Everything is awesome when you are newlyweds. However, the entire attention of expressing love and passion for your partner on a daily basis is fading away.

No one wants to feel forgotten.

Try to mix things up. Put your words into action. Plan a movie night or date night once in a week and stick to that schedule.

Do something new. Enjoy your love. Do something you’ll both love.

  1. Lack of Responsiveness

Colorado Center for EFT
Colorado Center for EFT

“You are not listening to me,” “Your mind is somewhere else,” “Pay attention when I’m talking to you” … and much more.

Anything of this sounds familiar.

When the listening in your marriage is not on the desired level, someone will suffer. Acting uninterested when the partner is sharing thoughts, emotions, and thoughts with you will make her/him unimportant.

If you are too distracted with work or something else going on with your life, talk to your partner. Practice active listening by putting everything distracting away and spend that quality time together.

We all have problems. Don’t make your marriage and an additional thing that will put a huge amount of weight on your head.

Now when you know these four major factors that lead to divorce, it will be easier for you to notice and solve things efficiently.

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