What are the Best Indoor Activities for Preschool Kids During Quarantine?


  • Why Having Activities for Kids During Quarantine is Important?


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), children between 0-8 years old are in their formative years. This period is a critical point in children’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Kids are often most engaging and responsive to external stimuli at this time, meaning they absorb information like a sponge.

The COVID-19 pandemic quarantine can make it difficult for your child’s development. While keeping them indoors is vital for any parent to ensure their safety, their being cooped up can stifle their motor and cognitive skills. The good news is, you can do several indoor activities with your kids to beat the quarantine lull.


  • Best Indoor Activities for Preschool Kids During Quarantine


Engaging and educational activities for your young ones can help develop their bodies, social skills, and motor skills. Since most parents are homebound due to the quarantine, why not take this opportunity to improve your preschool kids’ development? Here are some indoor activities you can do to stimulate and engage them!


  • For Motor Skills


  1. Scavenger Hunts

Intrigue your kids by luring them into an indoor scavenger hunt. This will allow them to spend their inexhaustible energy rummaging around the house in search of small treats that will give them a sense of accomplishment.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep their bodies moving and their brains active.

  1. Indoor Bowling

Bowling is a great activity to stimulate your child’s hand-eye coordination while boosting confidence with every pin or bottle they topple over. 

  1. Family Charades Night

Keep your kids on their toes by playing a simple game of charades. It is a perfect activity to build family bonds while encouraging your kids to use their imagination to express themselves.


  • For Cognitive Skills


  1. Indoor Science Experiments

Remember playing with baking soda and vinegar when you were young? Kick things up a notch by adding food coloring on your vinegar and let your kids watch the wonders of science. It keeps them occupied and their brains ticking as they try to figure out how it happened.

  1. Connect-the-Dots

As plain as it may seem, connect-the-dots is a hands-on activity that will keep your kids engrossed. Revamp the classic game by making them complete letters and numbers to familiarize themselves with the cornerstones of education.

  1. Alphabet Sensory Tubs

Creative ways to keep your preschool kids learning are one of the best activities you can do indoors. Use drawing cards with images for every letter of the alphabet. Get your kids to put the pictures in a bin for every letter you say. 

It’s a great way to familiarize them with letter sounds and objects that can represent them.


  • Take Away


Preschool kids are known for their endless amounts of energy and vast curiosity. As every parent knows, keeping them indoors can be difficult and detrimental to their development years. 

Having the best indoor activities for preschool kids during this quarantine will reinforce their development while keeping the house fun and the family engaged.


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