What are the best dermal fillers?

Although commonly mistaken to be the same as Botox, dermal fillers are completely different. Dermal fillers are small injections of gel, which help in plumping the skin above, adding volume to soft tissue and reducing facial lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers usually contain hyaluronic acid. The purpose of this acid is to attract water and hydrate the skin, which acts to plump it. Dermal fillers can be injected into different parts of your face, such as your lips, your jawline, your cheeks, and the area surrounding your eye. Although dermal fillers are considered to be safe, there are certain side effects which can occur. For example, skin rashes, bruising, bleeding, itching or swelling. These side effects are unlikely, however, especially when the right precautions are taken by undergoing dermal filler treatment with a trained practitioner. It is also important to note that the effects of dermal fillers are not permanent, with few lasting for over a year. However, there are a variety of different dermal filler brands on the market, such as Juvederm and Aliaxin, with each of these professing that their brand is the best. Most doctors tend to use only one brand of hyaluronic dermal fillers because it makes sense financially. Well, what brand really is the best? Here are, in general, two of the best dermal fillers:

  • Juvederm: This is one of the most well-renowned brands of dermal fillers, and for good reason. This brand has years of medical testing and research behind its belt. It also offers a large variety of types of fillers. For instance, fillers with different densities, molecule size, and hyaluronic concentration. This allows for you, with your doctor’s help, to choose the type of filler you want, according to your needs and wishes. Juvederm is the Pepsi of the dermal filler industry, as it is very widespread. Thus, quality is pretty standard.
  • Restylane: For many years, Restylane was the only choice on the market for dermal fillers. Thus, it is the oldest of dermal fillers, and also the most experienced. Apparently, more than 25 million people have undergone treatment with Restylane internationally. Similarly to Juvederm, there are many different types available. One major benefit of using Restylane is that it contains lidocaine, a local anaesthetic. This makes treatment considerably less painful than other dermal fillers.

When it comes to specific parts of the face, however, there are more considerations you need to take than simply brand names. For instance, when it comes to lips, Restylane Lips is known to be a good filler. It lasts for over 9 months, and the results tend to yield very natural and soft lips. With regards to undereye bags, Restylane Lyft is known to yield good results. Although, some doctors believe that dermal fillers are not suitable at all for undereye bags.

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