What Are the Advantages of Using Gaylord Boxes?

The majority of industrial supply is done through Gaylord boxes. These boxes are large, bulky, and corrugated, which makes them convenient for storing and shipping the inventories. They are made of several cardboard layers and have the capacity to hold almost 1,000 to 2,500 lbs of products. Hence, Gaylord boxes are popularly used in warehouses, grocery stores, and various other sectors that require continuous replenishment of goods.

If you are into the industrial sector that requires storage and shipping of inventories, then using the Gaylord boxes will be beneficial for you in a number of ways. You can buy the used Gaylord boxes at reasonable rates and even sell the used ones by connecting with The Gaylord Box Exchange. This method of exchanging the Gaylord boxes might be convenient and affordable for your business. Besides, the Gaylord boxes offer various other advantages, which we will see in this article.

  • Durable:

The Gaylord boxes are created with corrugated cardboard, which makes them capable of holding large amounts of weight. Corrugated cardboard means it has three different layers consisting of an inside and outside liner with fluting in between. It is resistant to bursting, tearing, and splitting, which makes the boxes strong, durable, heavy, and ideal for shipping the inventories over a large distance. Some Gaylord boxes are created with up to eight corrugated walls, which add more strength and durability.

  • Eco-friendly:

The Gaylord boxes are made of reusable and recyclable material, which makes them eco-friendly. It is considered that the used Gaylord boxes are more eco-friendlier than the new ones because of several factors. First, the used box doesn’t need manufacturing, which reduces water consumption, bi-products, and CO2 emissions. Second, it saves the trees that are cut to produce new boxes. Hence, it helps the environment and saves various materials.

  • Cost-effective:

As the Gaylord boxes are reusable, they save a lot of money that you would have otherwise needed to buy the new ones. They are strong and huge, which helps in combining shipments and saving your money by shipping bulk orders at a time. The used boxes are less expensive than the new ones, which create a flexible option for budget-oriented businesses.

  • Ideal for display-purpose:

Besides storage and shipping, the Gaylord boxes are used for display purposes in various sectors. For instance, they are used in grocery stores to display the products or vegetables to the customers. This creates an excellent option for the vegetable vendors to keep the vegetables fresh despite changing weather conditions, which may otherwise, rotten the vegetables. Apart from grocery stores, the Gaylord boxes are used to transport flower bouquets and ornamental plants from fields to the nurseries that require steady shipping.

  • Light-weight:

It is apparent that most of the items are heavier, and you wouldn’t like to increase the weight and shipping cost because of heavy packaging. That’s when the Gaylord boxes turn to be beneficial as they are lightweight and easy to handle while packing, loading, unloading, and shipping the inventories. Thus, they create a convenient option for warehouse owners by offering a strong, huge, and lightweight packaging system.

  • Offer maximum protection:

The corrugated Gaylord boxes offer maximum protection to the goods as compared to average cardboard boxes. Their rigidity and cushioning qualities provide a protective cover during shipping and handling the inventories. The size and thickness of these boxes can vary because they are manufactured for several purposes. Moreover, they are designed to resist moisture and bacteria, which helps in protecting the eatable products that are shipped across long distances.

  • Offer flexibility:

The best thing about corrugated Gaylord boxes is that you can get them manufactured as per your business requirements. These boxes are created in a range of sizes, shapes, designs, and colours that cater to specific businesses. You can also select the number of layers you need for the box, such as single, double, or triple wall for more protection. As you get several options to create the boxes as per your needs, it becomes more flexible in choosing them for your product’s shipping and storage purposes.

  • Helpful for branding:

It is observed that most of the customers recognize the credibility of any business by looking at its packaging options. That’s because they feel impressed by the customized and professional-looking packages rather than the normal ones. Hence, using corrugated Gaylord boxes and getting them customized for your business can help you with your company’s branding. You also get the chance to add a personal touch through your ideas and grab the attention of your customers. If you do so, the customers will definitely feel special and get back to you for more services.

Tips for using Gaylord boxes:

After looking at the advantages offered by Gaylord boxes, if you think of using them for storing or shipping your products, then here are some tips that will be helpful for you.

1. Pick the appropriate box:

Remember to consider the size and quantity of your products and then choose the specific Gaylord box. You have to check whether the box is not too big or small for your products as it can damage the product’s quality while handling or shipping.

2. Wrap fragile items individually:

If you are shipping any fragile items, make sure you wrap them separately with bubble wrap, newspaper, or foam sheets to secure them from any scratches and external factors.

3. Remove old labels:

Whenever you opt for used boxes, remember to remove the old labels or barcodes and put the appropriate ones so that your parcel reaches to the respective location.

4. Use a proper tape:

You should always look for a high-quality tape made for shipping as it keeps the package intact during transportation.


With such significant advantages, the Gaylord boxes have now become an essential part of any business that deals with storing and shipping the products. They are also used by many people while shifting their houses. So, if you want to store or ship any of the commodities, make sure you always use a Gaylord box for it.

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