What Are the Advantages of Solid-Core Plastic Bathroom Partitions?

Choosing the right bathroom partitions for your facility can be difficult, that’s why you need to do a lot of research before you can make an informed decision. There are so many types of partitions that you can choose from for the facility’s bathroom, but you must have a little background on what type can accommodate high volumes of traffic. Today, we’ll take a look at solid-core plastic partitions. What do they have that other partitions don’t, and why should you choose them among others?

Solid-core plastic bathroom partitions

Here’s a little background to help you understand what solid-core plastic bathroom partitions are, and what they can do for you.

Solid plastic material is one of the longest-lasting, most durable materials on the market today. Also known as polymer or HDPE, this solid surface structure and its homogenous color make this the best choice for bathrooms that experience high volumes of traffic. Take a look at the materials that are used in stadiums, airports, schools, and other facilities that need to stand the test of time. The standard series would include an inch-thick solid plastic material with aluminum hardware and stainless-steel shoes.

Rust and corrosion do not build up on this material, and if it’s damaged by the occupants in the facility, you can easily make minor repairs to the material.

Installation isn’t more difficult compared to other materials, but it’s much heavier and a little hard to move around.

What are the advantages of solid-core plastic bathroom partitions?

Below, you’ll find more information as you dig into more of the details and the specifics of solid-core plastic bathroom partitions:

  • The solid plastic partition material comes with an industry-leading 25-year warranty, and that’s because it is one of the longest-lasting materials on the market today.
  • Its high-quality surface structure has a homogenous (same color throughout the material) color, and this is what makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms with high volumes of occupants.
  • It’s very durable, which makes it a popular choice for bathrooms in airports, stadiums, schools, and other public facilities that need bathroom partitions to stand the test of time.
  • It’s easy to maintain. When cleaning solid plastic partitions, you’ll only need water and mild soap.
  • The material is graffiti-resistant, which means that you can easily remove most graffiti.
  • The solid-core plastic partition material has a certified class B fire rating. This means that it meets the ASTM E84 requirements.
  • It has a minimum of 30% recycled content.

Another important thing that you need to know about the solid-core plastic partitions is that they are manufactured with the highest standards. See below for more information:

  • Solid-core – no air pockets. The solid-core plastic does NOT contain any foaming agents, which may cause air pockets. You’ll receive an actual high-density product when you order this material. This means that the partitions you will receive have the durability they need to last for years and will remain to look good.
  • Thick plastic. Solid plastic materials have a one-inch thickness for all the pilasters, panels, and doors. They are specifically developed to withstand heavy usage and abuse while they remain strong for years.
  • Aluminum latches. Latches can receive a lot of abuse from occupants, especially in bathrooms with high traffic. You need to have heavy-duty aluminum latches that will stay in place, remain closed, and keep working.
  • Aluminum hinges. If the hinges go bad, then it can cause damage. That’s why solid-core plastic bathroom partitions must have the best aluminum hinges to keep the door in place, level, and opening and closing as they should to prevent any damage.
  • Aluminum headrail. The headrail is very important because it ensures a stable and rigid installation of your bathroom compartments. This has a double ridge to prevent unwanted activities and vandalism.
  • Stainless-steel shoes. These durable and easy-to-maintain Hadrian’s 3-inch high stainless-steel anchor shoes look perfect and are very easy to install. Both the floor-to-ceiling and ceiling-hung bathroom partitions use 4-inch high stainless-steel shoes.

What are the material specifications of solid-core plastic bathroom partitions?

Construction – CLASS B polyethylene solid plastic doors, pilasters, and panels with no foaming agents that can cause interior bubbles. The surface is self-lubricating, which can resist markings and is easy to maintain using mild household cleaners. This material is perfect for bathroom partition installations, especially in high-abuse and high-moisture environments.

Doors – 1-inch x 55-inch straight cut fine radius edges.

Panels – 1-inch x 55-inch straight cut with fine radius edges.

Pilasters – 1-inch x 82-inch straight cut with fine radius edges

Headrail – 1.25-inch x 1.75-inch extruded anodized aluminum with anti-grip design.

Wall thickness – 0.06-inch, and must be securely attached to the wall and pilasters with manufacturer’s fittings for rigid installation. The joints in the headrails should be made at a pilaster.

Pilaster fastening method – The pilasters must be rigidly and securely fastened to the floor with 3-inch high stainless-steel anchor shoes. The plastic anchor shoes are available in colors that will complement the partitions.

Hardware and fittings – Doors are installed with 1/8-inch thick heavy extruded clear anodized aluminum hinges. They wrap around the door and plaster. The hinges are fastened to the plaster and door with tamper-proof 6-lobe security head stainless-steel using bolts, fastened to the edge of the door and pilaster, using a #10 x 1-inch screw.

The top hinges have adjustable nylon cams. The strike keeper and throw latch are extruded clear anodized aluminum. The panel to wall connection uses three heavy-duty aluminum brackets, while the panel to pilaster connection uses a full-height continuous aluminum channel.

In-swing doors need to have a zinc-die cast, #4 brushed combined coat hook, as well as a bumper, while out-swing doors need to have a #4 brushed stainless-steel flat coat hook. The fasteners are theft-proof 6-lobe security head stainless-steel screws. And most importantly, the Hadrian hardware must meet the ADA and Canadian barrier-free requirements.

Finish – the doors, panels, and the pilasters are CLASS B polyethylene, with uniform color throughout the material. You can choose which color you want the partitions

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