What are Rubber Stoppers?

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Many people do not know about the rubber stoppers.  The rubber stoppers are small tapered plug that is used to tight or close the test tube.  It is one of the best things that saves the sample and close it tightly.  Rubber stoppers is very useful product for the tightness and gripping the object specially containers, glassware and test tubes.  The best thing that is used in the laboratories now a day for tightening is rubber stoppers.  Rubber stopper is also used to close the flasks that are used in the chemical labs.  Now a day the covid 19 is spread all over the world.  The lab work is very much because the tests are investigated all over the world so to avoid the sample the uses of rubber stoppers are much more important.  There are much more uses and characteristics of rubber stoppers. The main purpose of the rubber stoppers is that it prevents the sample from gas or liquid.  Due to the use of rubber stoppers the sample remains protected from gas or liquid.  During scientific experiment the rubber stoppers is used because it prevents the sample from escaping gas or liquid from the test tube or container.  So there is much more use of the rubber stoppers in chemistry labs.  The rubber stoppers are also helpful to mix solution without spilling it.

Shape and size of rubber stopper

There are many shapes and size of rubber stoppers.  There are almost 16 sizes that are present in the rubber stoppers for different sizes of container. The rubber stoppers are mainly cylindrical in shape.  It can be in round shape.  There are much more rubber stoppers that contains two holes that allow the insertion of pipettes.  The size of the rubber stoppers are mainly 0.5 inches to 16 inches.

Characteristics and uses

The main use of the rubber stoppers is mainly in laboratory due to its elasticity and impermeability and chemical resistance. So we can say that the rubber stoppers are much more important for the laboratory use.  The rubber stopper is very much important for tight seal.  The chemical resistance makes the sample safe.  The other main thing that makes it important for the laboratory use is that is impermeability that is very much important because it prevent the mixture, gas or liquid to escape from the test tube or container. The uses of rubber stoppers are very broad in chemistry labs, because the chemist uses the rubber stopper to plugs the flask tights.  But the size and shape of the rubber stoppers is matter greatly because its depends upon size of container.  So choose the rubber stoppers according to the size and shape of the container either which shape or size is fix or best for your container.

The use of rubber stoppers is very much on commercial and on industrial scales.  The rubber stoppers are used very widely for the mechanical stop; it is also use in bumpers, grippers because it holds the subject tightly.  So we can say that it is very much important for commercial or industrial scale.

Types of rubber stoppers

There are many types of rubber that are used to make the rubber stoppers.  Mainly the stoppers are round and some are squares.  Some of the rubber stoppers contain two holes for the insertion. So we can say that all these are type’s sizes and uses of rubber stopper that makes it very much important for the chemistry labs and for experimental labs for safety of sample.

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