The Most Accurate Weight and Height Chart for Women

I have people asking me on streets and via e-mail to tell them what’s the perfect weight and height for them.

They are telling me different information, but I just can’t figure that out.

For me, the weight and height measurement that makes you look perfect is the best.

It’s really tough to say what weight corresponds with the height. That’s something you will discover when you find your perfect body shape.

I hear people say that your weight should equal your height – 110.

So if your height is 170, you should weigh 60kg.

There are lots of factors when it comes to weight. Maybe it looks like too much for some.

This height and weight could still make them look chubby.

When I say factors I mean about lean muscle weight, fat, water… and other things.

However, if you want to have an image of how you should look like according to your height and weight, take a look at this chart.

This table includes all average heights for women.

You have to keep in mind that this is just statistical information. It needs to serve as an image of how you should plan your next moves.

As I said earlier, you are the one who needs to discover your perfect height/weight measurements.

Just for fun, where are you on this chart?

Show this to your friends. It can be helpful for them, as well.

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