Weed Edibles: Is Eating Them Better Than Smoking?

Smoking weed has long been considered the best way to consume cannabis, and its mind-altering compound, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But those who are yet to learn more should know that ingesting weed is another way, possibly the healthiest one, to get cannabis into your system.

Weed edibles are food items infused with cannabis. They’re available in different forms and flavors. Still, they provide nearly the same trip as joints or blunts, only with a few significant differences. This guide below will help you learn more about their differences and why edibles could be a better option.

Potential Risks of Smoking Cannabis

Smoking, in general, can bring a lot of risks to your body, even if you’re smoking cannabis instead of tobacco. Studies found that weed smokers could still potentially damage their lungs and increase the risk of lung cancer. That’s why others prefer edibles as a healthier way to consume cannabis.

Additionally, smoking cannabis might be more addicting than ingesting it. When you smoke, THC goes straight from your lungs to your brain. That’s why the effects kick in almost immediately when you smoke weed. Studies show that the faster a drug enters the brain, the more addicting the substance becomes.

Why Go for Weed Edibles

Ingestion may seem boring to those who lack the knowledge and experience in cannabis. Still, edibles offer a slight advantage over smoking weed. After eating products infused with cannabis, compounds like THC are absorbed into the bloodstream through your digestive system. The effects will take time to kick in compared to smoking, but it will last longer because of how long the body takes to digest the product. Weed Edibles can be an excellent option for those who do not enjoy the taste or smell of Delta 9 THC Flower. For example, by encapsulating the cannabis in Delta 9 THC Gummies, it becomes a delicious way to consume weed. Edibles are also easy to dose, as each edible contains a specific amount of cannabis. This makes it easy to know how much Delta 9 THC you are consuming, which is important for first-time users or those who are sensitive to the substance.

In addition, you can have so much when you go for weed edibles. For instance, if you order at the Happy Tree Buds online weed dispensary, you can purchase cannabis in gummies, cookies, and cereals, with various flavors, too.

Some Words of Caution Before You Take Edibles

It’s important to know that while edibles are slightly healthier than joints or blunts, the side effects you may experience could be the same. These range from increased heart rate to lower body temperature to dry eyes and mouth.

Additionally, while it’s considered an advantage that the effects of edibles last longer, users should be careful about the frequency of their intake. You could unintentionally overconsume cannabis. This can lead to severe symptoms like paranoia and impaired motor ability. So start with a lower dose and wait before taking more to avoid such problems. Try waiting for at least two to three hours before taking another to prevent consuming too much THC.

Alcohol can cause people to feel hungrier, making users take more weed edibles while drinking and more THC in the process. So to prevent such mishaps from happening, it’s best to avoid alcohol while taking edibles.

Take Cannabis With Care Through Weed Edibles

Weed edibles may seem the healthier and potentially non-addicting way to consume cannabis. However, beginners must do more research, especially when buying weed online. They must be careful when choosing and ingesting the products.

Edibles offer many variations that can make cannabis consumption flavourful and exciting. But don’t ever take cannabis without knowing its effects, proper dosage, and other essential factors to maximize the weed’s full effects and benefits.


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