Websites That Work: What You Need To Know About Marketing, Mobile, And More

Digital marketing, website development, and other online business processes are constantly evolving and it can be hard to keep up with best practices, even when you’re in the trenches running a business. 

So, how are you supposed to maintain a website that reaches and serves your audience? These four strategies draw on the latest digital business practices to ensure your message hits its mark.

Mobile Matters

Mobile-first design began shifting the balance in terms of digital business a few years ago when Google changed its algorithm to prioritize mobile design, but the importance of having a mobile-friendly website has only grown since then. 

The vast majority – 95% of adults between ages 18 and 49 – now have a smartphone, and mobile marketing is a key driver of sales. Conversely, when a company’s website doesn’t work well on mobile devices, with misaligned text and broken features, it can keep potential clients from connecting with your brand.

Conscious Campaigns

Digital marketing is a complex field, one that requires an understanding of many different moving parts and, often, an entire department of professionals committed to making things work. Of course, that’s not actually feasible for most small organizations, but there are a lot of resources that can help bridge the gap. By partnering with campaign management professionals, like those experienced in running Google AdWords campaigns, you can get your brand’s products or services in front of the right buyers for explosive growth.

Expanded Presence

One of the most overlooked marketing tools among small businesses is backlink development – a process that helps improve your Google rankings and improve your site’s domain authority value. That’s because, after years of emphasizing the importance of organic link building, which is undeniably important, small business owners have missed the value of other approaches. 

In particular, focused link building combined with backlink outreach is critical to increasing your business’s visibility and relevance. In order to get your site linked across the web, though, you’ll need help from professionals with the right networks, who know your niche, the publishers, and the white hat methodologies that will keep your business’s marketing efforts on the up and up.

Move Fast, Fix Things

Another critical element of web design and client outreach is speed – how fast your website moves, loading and delivering content to users. What was once an acceptable pace for a website is now too slow, and moving faster is vital. To do that, you’ll need to clean up the underlying code, explore options like server-side compression, and emphasize the benefits of browser caching.

Not sure how to do those things? Then it’s time to connect with your web designer and talk about factors like page load speed, because nanoseconds of delay may just be standing between your business and success.

One of the struggles facing small business owners today is that most of the practices that will take your organization to the next level aren’t issues you can tackle alone. You need help from professionals who understand what happens behind the scenes. 

In other words, while you may be an entrepreneur or even a solo-preneur, no one today can go it alone. Find the professionals and collaborators who can help your business succeed. You can stay in control and lead the way, but you can’t tackle problems you don’t understand if you want to stay competitive.