We Have Prepared 15 Fashion Tips and Tricks You Can Start Using Right Away

Fashion is awesome, but when we are talking about clothes it’s totally different.

Clothes are hard to manage sometimes and this is the only thing that makes you mad every now and then.

They get permanent stains that won’t want to come out easily and you will be forced to throw away that piece of clothing.

I’m especially mad when I see this kind of stain on my favorite piece of clothing.

Throwing them away is always the final solution, but it’s not always the cleverest thing you can do.

There are many tricks you can use to prevent these things to happen.

We picked 15 tips and tricks you can start using right away. This could make your clothes last longer and make you happier.

Panty-liners block sweat to make a stain on your favorite shirts


You can remove deodorant stains simply by using baby wipes

Mitten clips will prevent your pants from riding up your boots


This is how you roll up sleeves easily!


Use keychain on the zipper and don’t worry about it coming down ever again


Moleskin will help you when the underwire pops out of your bra


Hair straightener can iron a shirt collar pretty quick


Dry tea bag will collect the odor from your shoes


Ice takes gum off your clothes


Hold your strapless bra with an extra strap


Clear nail polish will keep the button starts from unraveling


This is how you make your t-shirts extra soft


Glitter to save your shoes


Baggy Jeans under boots


If you spray your underarms with lemon juice, you will remove and prevent sweat stains


We hope this was helpful for you.

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