We get to have an exclusive interview with Faaiza Omar aka The Stylish Baker

Faaiza Omar is famously known as The Stylish Baker online and has built a successful career from scratch. She’s an inspiration to budding female entrepreneurs and is living proof that women can still look stylish and get messy in the kitchen.

The sweet baker was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and has always had a sweet tooth for over 20 years. In 2018, The Stylish Baker won the Lancewood Cake-Off challenge in New York, with her secret weapon: a rose, pistachio and raspberry gâteau.

She now runs an online store with her sister, which was established in 2016 and sells specialized patisserie tools, moulds and ingredients globally. The online store especially supplies hotels, restaurants and home bakers. The busy business woman also runs a pastry school with her sister and has recently released a debut book ‘My Sweet Life.’ Faaiza is also a popular sensation on social media, with over 51,000 followers on instagram.

When she’s not busy baking in the kitchen, she’s taking her time to help eradicate poverty and has even raised money for underprivileged countries during the pandemic. The fabulous baker has a huge philanthropic and humble side that we admire. She’s a true role model for women empowerment and inspires us greatly.

In order to celebrate that, we get to have the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with the beautiful pastry chef and get to know more about her.

What inspired you to start baking and sharing your photos and recipes online?

“I started off by sharing the pastries I learned at the masterclasses I attended in Paris.  I shared the techniques and videos. It was my way of expressing my creativity. I would share recipes as well.”

How did you feel when you saw your social media platform growing and people loving your work?

“It was exciting and heartwarming, people began trying out my recipes and sharing them on Instagram and tagging me. Their families loved my recipes too.”

What motivated or inspired you to get into baking?

“I’m a trained skincare therapist with a passion for patisserie. I began baking 20 plus years ago and haven’t stopped. My infatuation with perfecting the art of macaron making, got me hooked onto French pastries. I began experimenting with different flavours and techniques posting my sweet treats and recipes on my Instagram account, as travel is a huge part of my baking inspiration, I included my travel diaries and some style posts too.”

Can you tell us about how the pastry school started?

“I started out experimenting with patisserie and attending many Patisserie masterclasses abroad. I then shared my successes with my Instagram followers and they were intrigued.  Many wanted to purchase the specialized tools and ingredients I used in order to recreate their own version of these delicacies.

Initially my sister and I launched an online pastry supply store, there was a growing demand from bakers to learn advanced french pastry techniques thus we began the pastry school.”

What will readers see in your new book that you’ve recently published?

“My book is bursting with beautiful bakes, “My Sweet Life” is a mere taste of my repertoire. Everything from delicate petits fours, celebration cakes, cheesecakes to brioches, ice creams and delectable desserts, “My Sweet Life” is the ideal book for a keen baker.”

If you could choose your favorite dessert, what would it be?

“Plaisir sucré – a chocolate hazelnut pastry from laduree paris.”

Do you prefer savoury baked goods or sweet baked goods?

“Sweet for sure!”

Are there any baked goods that you bake as a holiday tradition that you celebrate?

“For Eid I always bake a big variety of biscuits.”

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

“My favourite fashion designer is Dior.”

Do you have an outfit in your wardrobe that’s your favourite?

“Not an outfit but an item, my jeans. Easiest to dress up or down.”

When you’re not baking, what else do you enjoy doing?

“I still enjoy skincare, I have a few regular clients that I treat.I also love travelling, it’s the best escape.”

Faaiza currently has an upcoming event of an afternoon tea at Durban, which will be held on the 1st November. Tickets are available online on her website and it’s the ultimate event for sweet tooth lovers to attend!


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