Ways to Make You a Fashionable Slim Guy

Yes, being fashionable is sometimes hard when you are too slim. Although it’s easier to dress you because almost everything fits you, still, there are downsides of being too slim when it comes to fashion. Problems, like looking like too weak or too clumsy even though you know you are not, may arise. 

Thus, to help you with your skinny guy problem, here are some helpful tips to ace your next street fashion walk. 

Avoid Black Shirts

While this shade is perfect for fat guys to make them look thinner, this does not apply to slim guys because, obviously, it just makes them look skinnier, making them seem like the alien from Men in Black willing to serve coffee anytime.

Thus, what’s the perfect shade for you? Choose lighter shades or white. To be exact, wear something light for your top, like light blue or white long sleeves, and pair it with dark pants. 

Master the Art of Layering

Layering is the most usual and most obvious technique, but it still proves its power. You can wear a sweater,  and have polo inside. Also, if your sweater is too hot for you, you can opt for a pair of long sleeves and t-shirt, but if you are in a country with cold weather, like Korea or Japan, thick layering is perfect. 

Go for Coat, Suits, Sports Jacket, etc.

It might seem like a version of layering, but this technique is occasion dependent. It means that your layering needs to be based on the occasion you are attending or on your purpose for dressing yourself for that specific day. 

Office Attire

Your office is where you look most professional, so you basically should not wear tank-tops or sleeveless shirts. Well, aside from the reason that you are slim, it’s also not a place for rest or for couch potato moments. Thus, to improve your slim physique and to look more pro., might as well wear suit and pair it with light blue long sleeves inside. 

 Street walking in winter or spring

Probably, these are two of the coldest seasons, and they give us a chance to look more fashionable. Whether you are muscular or skinny, these seasons require layering, so why don’t you take advantage of them. Fashionable winter coats are your friends to fight the below zero temperature and to still look more pleasing while freezing, and even in Spring, you can wear these coats. However, in winter, it’s more like 2-or-more-clothes layering.

Reminders: Almost everyone wears a coat in winter or spring, but try to be more fashionable. Try to wear a dark-colored coat over light-colored  inside clothes. The inside shirts give the illusions of a bigger built, and the dark-colored coat will give it a perfect balance.

Sports Jacket

Yes, sports are for sporty people, but not the jackets. This hack of wearing sports coat is not just for basketball or baseball players. Anyone can put on their favorite varsity jacket, so why not grab the chance to wear one. This way, you will look more muscular and cooler.

Go For Shirts that Fit You

Don’t be fooled by the  “wear-bigger-clothes-to-make-you-look-bigger” idea. That’s so long ago. Imagine a 7-year old boy wearing his 20-year old brother’s newly bought shirt. That is how funny you look. Thus, wear something that fit you just right, especially if you are a type of a skinny guy with muscles. Again, choose light-colored slim-fit shirts. 

 Go for Horizontal Stripes Pattern

Vertical stripes are for length and horizontal stripes are for width. Thus, which one should you choose if you want to appear like you have a broader built? It’s no brainer, isn’t it? Of course, go for the horizontal pattern. It fools people by making their heads turn from left chest to right because of following the pattern, making you appear a little wider. 

There are several options here and there when it comes to striped clothes. Online shopping stores or even physical stores in your area offer shirts or dresses with this pattern.

Final Words

 No matter how good-looking you are or how good of a built you have, it does not matter if you have low self-esteem or if you will just slouch.  Show people some pride you have there inside. Have the right posture for every occasion. You might be just a cat, but make people see the lion in you!  

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