Ways In Which You Can Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Hotel

When it comes to a luxe hotel, there is a certain kind of serenity that one can only feel there. From minimal decor and crisp sheets to the neutral color scheme, everything calms the soul down. And the odds are your bedroom, back at home does not give that calm feel. 

Well, it might sound too expensive to turn your real-world bedroom into a calm and sensual hotel bedroom, but with the right tweaks, you might turn your bedroom into a luxurious staycation. 

If you are looking forward to turning your bedroom into a comfortable and elite hotel-style room, then this article is all you need. Here, I will take you on the run down to various ways in which you will be able to make your bedroom give a hotel room feel. 

So, without any further ado, let us roll. 

#1. Create a Specific Space 

One thing to consider while setting up your bedroom as a luxe hotel room is that you set specific space for a particular activity. You may start by creating areas for reading, sleeping, working, etc. If you are wondering about how much space all of this is going to require, then do not fret as you can create this environment in any size room. All you have to do is decide what all activities you are going to perform in the room and then plan the space accordingly. 

#2. Work on the Bed and Bedside Table

One of the best things people like about a hotel room is the cozy bed. Well, if you wish to create a complete luxe hotel experience in your bedroom, then the right next step after creating space is to work on the bed. 

Never compromise with an excellent quality bed, and if you find it way too expensive to invest in buying a good quality bed, then you may go with the option of getting a bed on rent in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, or any other metro city in India. 

Now that you have got a perfect bed for your room start with outfitting your bed with beautiful and clean sheets. To keep up the hotel look, you may go for a crisp white bed sheet with at least 300 thread counts and duvets. Now, add a throw pillow for adding color and a throw     blanket at one side of the bed to give it a classy look.  

Once you are done with the bed, start emphasizing on the bedside table. Since hotel rooms always have bedside tables that are large enough to keep a lot of stuff handy, you have to trick your bedside table too. 

So, choose a bedside table that works well for you and help you in bringing the luxe feel right in your bedroom. 

If you love reading, then keep your stack of books on the side table, and if you like to rub lotions and cream a lot, then prefer keeping those. The whole point is always to keep the things you love most handy so that you may feel your room to be a peaceful spot. 

#3. Lavish Lightings

There is no denying the fact that lighting plays a crucial role in adding life to any place. Be it any place; its style of lighting holds the ability to make it stand out or give a dull look. 

Well, if you have no idea about how to use proper lighting in your bedroom to give it a luxe hotel feel, then do not worry because I am here to tell you a few lighting techniques which are often utilized by the first-class hotels. 

  • Use a closet light that automatically turns on when the door is opened
  • Incorporate a three-way switch at the entry to light up the bedside lamp
  • Go for the individually controlled reading lights at your bed
  • Use enough lightings in the bathroom, including wall sconces, lighting at the tub, and lighted mirror.

Well, do not forget this one crucial thing – Using warm lightings and dimmer control on every light. 

Incorporating lightings in the suggested way will help in visually pulling the room together while throwing off the much-needed hotel feel. 

#4. Review the Room Acoustics 

While you work on re-doing your bedroom and turning in into a hotel room, make sure you review the acoustics and ventilation of the room. You may consider adding insulation between the walls, fabric walls on the headboard, or installing an upgraded carpet pad. 

Also, make sure that the room is adequately ventilated. You may consider keeping your bed away from the air vents and make sure you get access to the fresh air. You may also add a fireplace for a cold, snowy night along with a heated towel rack in the bathroom. 

#5. Personalize the Area

Most of the hotels prefer using regional art and local magazines to make the visitors feel comfortable and connected with the city they are visiting. For your own remember, you may use your favorite painting, photographs with family & friends, a bookshelf having the books you love, and anything you like so that you may feel connected and peaceful. 

#6. Luxe Window Treatments

If you wish to get that perfect hotel suite feel in your bedroom, then never settle for those pre-made curtains. Choose to go for the one only if you find that it fits right with your bedroom. But then, the custom made curtains are always better. 

If you choose to go for the custom-made curtain, then consider going for the fabric that matches the interior of the room and asks the seamstress to sew you a beautiful drape. There are different designs of curtains available, so always go for the one that brings in the luxury of a hotel. Also, along with the excellent design, go for the right fabric. 

#7. Keep the Greens Inside 

A hotel room always carries the fresh feel of plants and flowers. So, to give the same look to your bedroom, you may consider keeping the greens inside. Not only will these help in enhancing the overall environment of the room, but it will also help in uplifting your mood. 

You may go through this list of gorgeous ways to decorate with plants

Wrapping it Up 

So, does it sound easy? I know it does. All you have to do is stay motivated to give an incredibly amazing hotel like transformation to your bedroom. One thing to remember while setting up your bedroom like a luxurious hotel room is that you give your personal touch since it is always going to be your space. 

If you are looking forward to creating a hotel feel in your bedroom, then I hope the above-stated tips will be able to help you at best. 

Also, if you know any other tips that may help in adding an elite hotel feel in a private bedroom, then feel free to share the same in the comment section below. 

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