WARNING: Stop Re-Heating These Foods Immediately!

I was doing this occasionally, but now I feel scared to do the same thing.

Sometimes we really know to get around our possibility to eat food. We cook more than we can eat.

My mother used to cook for 8 people. On the question why, she answered – because you will have the same lunch tomorrow or the day after.

Our income wasn’t on a high level, but we knew how to live a decent life.

It was still delicious, though. Me and my sister used to take it out of the fridge, reheat the lunch and eat it.

The danger that comes with it was the least thing that came to my mind.

Now, when you have a family everything catches your eyes.

You see – we, women, are different species. We read things that are related to problems.

I tried to find several studies that will cover this theory. I will definitely think twice before I reheat some of these foods ever again.

I’ve heard about foods you are not allowed to re-heat, but these foods?

Maybe this is nothing that will make you worry about, but why taking any risks?

Sharing with you was a must. I really want to see if some of you found something similar.

Here are the foods that I was telling you about:


Re-heating the leftover spinach from yesterday is really unsafe.

I don’t know if you know, but spinach contains a high rate of nitrates. When you reheat the spinach they transform into nitrites.

They are carcinogenic to the body.


However, the studies pay attention to those nitrites used for processed meats.

When they confront with the amines in the meat, they can cause cancer.


Same goes for celery, too. Using celery in soups is really good for your health.

That action could get reversed abilities and harm you. It also contains nitrates and reheating the soup with the celery could turn into carcinogenic.


This vegetable is full with nitrates. Reheating it could be really destructive for them and cause problems.


There are different opinions about potatoes. Some people say they are healthy, but not that healthy because they can cause obesity.

Others are saying as long as it’s a vegetable, they will continue to consume it.

I love potatoes. I use them in my diet. I haven’t felt that they are making me obese.

However, this study warns you about re-heating the potato-made meal.

By leaving them for a day or two, they can lose their dietary quality to a point where they are dangerous.

Maybe this could help you to prevent damages.


I have never reheated eggs. It’s not because I’m scared of side effects. It’s mostly because there aren’t any left to be re-heated.

It’s extremely important to play it safe with eggs.

Sometimes they can be vulnerable to bacteria that cause problems in your body.


Eating chicken the next day after preparing it could be harmful.

The structure of the proteins has been changed when it gets cold. Therefore, this causes concern because it contains more proteins than any other meat.

It’s better if it is eaten cold.

I found chicken and other foods that could turn poisonous here.

This came out bigger than I thought.


Mushrooms are the foods you don’t want to risk re-heating. It’s prescribed to eat them right after they are ready.

If you can’t, make sure you consume them cold the other day.

Reheating them comes with digestive and heart issues.

The European Food Information Council warns you to not reheat mushrooms

I was really surprised by some of these foods.

This made me think back of all the things I’ve re-heated. I didn’t know they are dangerous and I’m definitely not taking the risk.

Stories like this are eye-opening and deserve to be shared. We must make sure people know about this.

Source: Health Tips Portal

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