Warning Signs of a Fake CBD Website

The CBD (cannabidiol) industry has been dominating the market since the discovery of its use in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and pet products. As a result, hundreds of manufacturers tried their luck in the CBD industry. However, together with this success comes the existence of companies that try to gain profit by deceiving customers with fake CBD products.

There are many CBD companies on the market that offer various CBD products, which include oils, capsules, and creams, among other formats. Because of this, many customers find it hard to identify which products are legitimate. In this article, we will share some warning signs you should look for to identify fake CBD websites and avoid purchasing bogus products.

Website details have grammatical errors

For a reputable company that offers products and services, information on their webpage shouldn’t contain grammatical errors. If a store’s product descriptions have a lot of grammatical mistakes or seem to be written by a first-grader, it’s probably an illegitimate website.

Complete and carefully-written information is vital for any store, especially for a website that sells health products such as CBD oils. Legitimate platforms will take the time to put up complete and accurate information such as the amount of CBD present in the product, recommended dosage, and usage instructions. When these pieces of information are missing or poorly-written, misinformation and/or misunderstandings can happen, therefore causing consumers harm. 

Reviews seem too fake and come from suspicious sources

Take note of what both positive and negative reviews say about the website and its products. Owners of fake products usually use fake accounts to fill their product pages with good reviews. Check how old these pages are and what other products they’ve reviewed. If they seem to only review products from one company, they’re likely fake accounts.

Some websites will claim that they offer the best CBD products, among others. Remember to only trust reviews from verified sources and verified users of the product. To know 2020’s best CBD oils, visit for more details. 

Payment and return policies are suspicious

You should also study the website’s payment structure and return policies before purchasing a CBD product. Make sure the product can ship to your location, and that there’s an existing policy for returns. If their payment service is something you haven’t heard of, your CBD product seller might be bogus.

Likewise, you shouldn’t trust a company that doesn’t have a clear product returns policy. The website should also offer secured payment gateways and channels especially if they rely on credit and debit card payments. 

The site is rushing you to check out

If there are lots of pop-ups on the website that urge you to check out your cart immediately, there’s a high chance it’s a fake store. Websites shouldn’t annoy their customers with pop-ups as it can ruin the shopping experience. Doing so implies that the site is desperate for purchases. 

It’s filled with all sorts of ads

It’s normal for a website to have a couple of ads, but be wary if there are ads almost everywhere on the CBD website you’re checking. Company websites use ads to gain profit from clicks, but legitimate websites place these ads in parts of the webpage that don’t disrupt the shopping experience. If you notice ads disguised as buttons in the online store, it’s probably a fake website. Remember, legitimate stores won’t place ads that are designed to be misclicked by visitors.

There is limited information about the company

CBD product sellers should be transparent to their customers, especially on how they process their products and their history. Details such as the company’s address and contact information should be present on the website. Adding these pieces of information can help companies gain their customer’s trust, which is a huge plus for any business. On the customer’s end, this ensures that they can hold the company liable in case there’s a problem with their purchase.

Think before you checkout

CBD companies and products can be found all over the market, and anyone can garner millions of results in just one click. However, the accessibility of these products is all the more reason for being extra careful. If the CBD product you’re checking has a price and description that are too good to be true, it probably is.

Remember, always read every single detail present in the CBD product’s webpage before purchasing. Additionally, conduct research about the company and its products as fake CBD can be harmful when consumed. Aside from being a waste of money, purchasing illegitimate CBD products can waste your time and put you and your family’s health at risk.

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