WARNING: Mixing These Household Products Could Lead to Death

Everybody – stop what you are doing.

This is very important.

It came out that mixing couple of household items could leads to death.

Women often do mixtures like this in order to get better result.

They don’t even know it’s dangerous for them.

This should serve as a warning for everyone you know.

It could save their life.

Most of them are not aware of the danger they are exposed to.

By combining two or three cleaners, you create harmful gases.

These gases are here to harm your health.

Worsening health like this could be fatal for some women.

Luckily, I found these mixtures in time and you will be warned.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t mix:

  1. Two Different cleaners

If you are one of those who believe 2 cleaners are better than one, you are wrong.

Every cleaner is made for specific use. You can’t mix a universal cleaner and a window cleaner.

It’s deadly!

  1. Rubbing alcohol and bleach

The combination of both chloroform and hydrochloric acid is very dangerous.

Use them separately.

  1. Bleach and ammonia

The toxic smokes that are not vivid for your eyes created from this mixture is really unsafe when you breathe the air polluted from the smoke.

  1. Vinegar and chlorine bleach

This formula produces a TOXIC chlorine gas

  1. Vinegar and baking soda

Even though it seems natural and perfect for cleaning, you should stay away from it.

The sodium bicarbonate reacts with the acetic acid found in the vinegar.

This reaction produces sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide.

Mix baking soda and vinegar in a closed container and see it explode.

Something like this could happen inhaling the invisible smoke from the mixture.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

Many people use this as the perfect cleaner. They should never blend those two ever again.

Mixing both of them creates peracetic acid.

It’s highly toxic and damages your skin, respiratory system and eyes.

Everything makes perfect sense.

That’s why you get that unusual smell when you mix two or three cleaners at one container.

That smell is slowly damaging your system.

It’s not worth the risk!

You should warn your friends about this.

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