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The same as facebook, Twister and other popular social networking sites, Instagram is a social network that allows users to share photos and videos with their friends and relatives. However, unlike other social networking sites, Instagram gives you control over whether anyone can view your account, including photos, videos, and stories by setting your account to private mode. It is true to say that this social network has a number of drawbacks that restrict users from discovering the best of it. Definitely want to download your favorite photos on Instagram or are looking for a new way to explore Instagram. That is why you need piknow (

Benefits of Instagram

It is true to say that instagram has a lot of image filters and image editing tools so you can easily get a great picture for yourself. Instagram has 19 different image editing effects, light, dark, blur, and color effects for photos you will be spoiled for experiment and choice. In addition, instagram also has the ability to shoot short video clip 5s boomerang – a characteristic of this application.

Not the same as Facebook, Instagram is a place that only specializes in images and you will easily see people’s moments, not be overwhelmed by sideline information such as ads, games, mood lines, news such as the side. This could also be your own photo storage site with photo storage capabilities or you can leave it private so only your followers can see it. Therefore, you can easily avoid the attention from strangers.

Instagram has now become a thriving social networking community because of its superior ability to edit photos and save moments in your life. By being able to organize your Instagram account yourself into a picture, you can easily show your personality. Along with linking with Facebook, Instagram has become extremely handy because it can be used as a very simple and effective image editing application for users.

Although the benefits of this photo-sharing network are many, it still has limitations- it’s inevitable. Instagram is not encrypted, so Instagram’s policy doesn’t allow users to download photos and videos, so you can’t download videos and photos from Instagram even though it’s unique information from a single source. That is why you need piknow

Why can it be said that piknow can help you discover Instagram better?

Our website currently has a stable number of visitors every day, and it tends to increase. It is true to say that piknow is a great tool that can help you discover and search for unlimited content, hashtags, users and places on Instagram. Here are some reasons.

It is a completely free tool!

It can hardly be denied that no matter who you are, you can use piknow to promote your profile and content for free. Thanks to using it, you have a great opportunity for users to share, advertise and expand information immediately. Moreover, you can do it without any limits.

It helps you to download photos or videos on Instagram

In fact, piledge supports you to download photos or videos on Instagram easily and quickly. This is a fast and secure tool that allows you to download thousands of photos and videos on Instagram in a fraction of the time. All you need to do is browse and download your favorite photos, videos, stories and profiles.

You can’t download videos and photos from Instagram even though it’s unique information from a single source. That is why you need piknow

It helps you update the latest trends

It will collect the latest trends and the most popular hashtags, through which it will inspire you. If you are looking for the latest trends today, just visit piknow, you will get everything you want. Piknow makes your life very interesting and comfortable.

It saves you more time

With this great tool, you can browse all Instagram data directly in your web browser. It’s easy for you to follow the latest trends, hashtags, popular users and media instantly and just a little bit good.

You can check the profile statistics of Instagram users

This tool has created top rankings to give you quick statistics of any user. Thanks to using it, you can track user profile information including the most popular posts, the most popular comments or which posts get the most likes. This seems very helpful to you.

Disadvantages of Piknow

Piknow still has some small drawbacks. However they deserve to be ignored. But we still need to clarify

This tool will experience some minor issues after the update. To remedy this, Piknow has upgraded its customer care system to promptly resolve all issues. They are very interested in user feedback

Piknow works on the basis of a website so you need to have a network device to use it.

Piknow doesn’t have an app on your phone right now, you can only use Piknow in the browser with your PC. Therefore, if you like using it on your phone, it might be a bit inconvenient.

How to download photos and videos from Instagram

you only need to perform 3 very simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Instagram and find the username or hashtag of the photo or video (if any) you want to download to your device.

Step 2: Copy those users or hashtags and visit the website

Step 3: Paste the username or hashtag above into the search bar you see in the middle of the screen where the first interface appears. Then, click on the “Search” icon on the side to search for those hashtags.

With just 3 steps above, you can download videos and photos from Piknow without having to install any other applications.

It will collect the latest trends and the most popular hashtags, through which it will inspire you

Although Piknow still has drawbacks, it’s undeniable that this is a great tool. If you have any questions you cannot handle, please contact us for assistance. In the near future, we hope that this tool will become more and more popular. If you have never heard of tools like Piknow, try this tool to know that there are many great things in this information technology era. Join us to discover interesting things about the world!

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