Want to Appreciate Your Employees for Their Work? 10 Ideas Every Employer Can Consider

Your company’s success depends on your employees. Employees are the essential force behind a prosperous venture. Locating and drawing the appropriate talent demands lots of hard and smart work. However, you would need to work even harder and smarter towards retaining your best workers as a volatile inner system can not ensure stability.

The best way to encourage the best employees is to treat them well. Appreciating the talent you have in hand makes people want to come back to work. Here are some of the best ways to reward your employees and show them that they are being noticed:

1. Rewards and recognition programs:

Making your employees feel appreciated for their hard work can bring in great positive energy to your office. Holding recognition sessions and rewarding the employees with some great gifts might boost productivity and increase the morale of the employees.

You could also organise quarterly R&R programs to empower them into working more productively to win these rewards. You could increase the utility of these R&Rs by adding useful items such as gadgets, electronics, and accessories, etc to the reward program. Visit website to see some of the best gift options.

2. Get them gifts:

Getting your people some thoughtful gifts on special occasions such as their birthday or their work anniversary or even holiday gifts could be a delightful experience for the employees. Personalised gifts also make your team members feel important and noticed. However, selecting gifts for individual employees can be a challenging job. The best way to go about this would be to have the managers talk to their teams about their hobbies and interests. This makes the process of finding unique gifts easy.

3. Gifts cards as gifts:

Besides being a great way to bring in employee recognition, giving gift cards offers further benefits to both workers as well as employers. They are easy to procure as there is no selection required. Gift cards are available for purchase at online and as well as retail stores both. Another great thing about gift cards is that they let the employees choose a gift they would really use.

4. Say it with food:

Sharing food makes your team stronger. Organizing a gratitude treat or an appreciation feast once a month. You could kee it casual with a pizza party or a coffee conference too. Although it is the food that is the reward here, the conversations and frequency of these treats can also establish them as an exclusive reward mechanism.

5. Social media announcements:

Announcing achievements, birthdays, corporate anniversaries on your company’s social media page and web portals could help motivate the employees. Adding a picture to your wall along with an encouraging caption, which highlights that employee’s contributions can work wonders.

6. Gift fitness sessions:

Did you know that gym membership was the largest revenue-generating stream for the Australian fitness industry in 2018? Gyms accounted for more than half of the overall revenue during the year. What this means is that more and more people these days want to stay fit, and their first preference is hitting the gym! Gifting your employees with gym memberships or weekly fitness sessions at a popular gym might encourage everyone to work hard.

7. Send them on Short Trips

One of the most creative ways to acknowledge an employee today could be giving them an opportunity to travel to a beautiful yet nearby destination. A short vacation could make the employee feel truly appreciated as well as leave them rejuvenated.

8. Shorter working day

If an employee performs well, reward them with some time-off and let them go back early on a few days to have extra hours with their family or to pursue any of their passions. Float an email a day in advance, and you could CC the whole team to make the winner feel more privileged and the rest of your employees to aspire and work better.

9. The luxury of a Staycation

Gift your employees a night at a good hotel, where they can go unwind with their spouse or a friend. Let them have a lavish breakfast and enjoy the pool to feel pampered.

10. Give them an acting leader opportunity:

To promote talented individuals from their roots, give them the opportunity to be the acting team leader. Employees who see their work as worthwhile are nearly 2.5 times happier than others. Exposure to the desired position could work wonders for future pacing.

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