Want Curls But Can’t Stand The Heat? Here Are 17 Things You Can Do

Don’t you hate when you want to do something with the hair and involves the curling iron? – I try to avoid it at any cause because I can’t really stand the heat.

I have burned myself probably a million times during my lifetime. There is no way I will not do that when I try to make the perfect curls.

That’s the price you pay when you decide to make your hair by yourself.

But curls are dope, though. When you have completely no idea what to do with your hair for the next occasion, just curl it up and you are good to go.

I haven’t met a woman that doesn’t love a curly hair. It’s so popular and never out of fashion.

With that being said, and considering the heat, I have found something all of us will benefit from.

Meet the curly hair methods without using a curling iron. You will love these methods worth sharing. Don’t even hesitate to include your friends in this one.

Let’s curl things up a little bit!

1. Finger Waves and Pin Curls

Finger Waves and Pin Curls

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2. Gorgeous Soft Waves

Gorgeous Soft Waves

Tutorial via

3. Bantu Knot Curls


Tutorial via

4. No Heat Curls from Socks


Tutorial via

5. Twisting Headband Curls

twisting headband curls

Tutorial via

6. Heatless Halo Curls

heatless halo curs

Tutorial via

7. Beachy Waves with No Heat


Tutorial via

8. Cocoon Curls

Cocoon Curls

Tutorial via

9. No Heat Pin Curls

No Heat Pin Curls

Tutorial via

10. Bandana Waves

Bandana Waves

Tutorial via

11. Soft Headband Curls

collage hair 2

Tutorial via

12. Heatless Curls With A French Twist

Heatless Curls With A French Twist

Tutorial via

13. Damage Free Beach Waves


Tutorial via

14. Beach Curls In Under 20 Minutes


Tutorial via

15. Overnight Heatless Curls


Tutorial via

16. Lazy Day Curls And 6 More Heatless Curls


Tutorial via

17. Paper Bag Curls

Paper Bag Curls

Tutorial via

I’m really happy I won’t burn my hands and neck ever again. You probably “feel me” if you had the same problem.

Now, what I want from you is to continue spreading the good word. Many people will find these methods useful.

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