Want a Good Night Sleep When Travelling by Land? Here’s How

Sleeping while you’re travelling by land can be quite tricky, especially if space is too tight in whatever vehicle you’re taking or if the road is too bumpy. However, it’s not an impossible thing to do, if prepared right. Do not fret, we’ve gathered for you the best tips and tricks you can do while traveling by land to get that good night sleep you deserve.

Sleeping accessories are a must

When traveling, you evidently pack many things; packing sleeping accessories should be on top of your list as well. If you’re planning an overnight trip, you obviously need to choose the right accessories that can help you sleep. Below are examples of what you can take along with you on your trip:

  • A Neck Pillow –  These pillows are ideal in keeping your posture upright so you can sleep comfortably. According to folks at Land of the Traveler, using a neck pillow will help prevent any unwanted neck or back pain. It also prevents your head from bopping back and forth causing an uncomfortable time for you, thus ruining your trip.
  • An Eye Mask –  If you’re traveling by bus or train, and they don’t turn off the lights at night, consider getting a sleeping mask to avoid light reaching your eyes. Sleeping in a well-lit atmosphere prevents melatonin from reaching your body, causing you to not sleep well. Getting one will allow you to get that shut-eye you need.
  • Noise-Canceling Earphones – People can get quite noisy and chatty during the night, or worse, what if there are crying kids with you on-board? Consider investing in Noise-Canceling Earphones to limit all that noise out in a quieter atmosphere.
  • Earplugs – If your budget is tight and you can’t afford noise-canceling earphones, consider getting simple earplugs to prevent any noise from bothering you.

If you’re travelling by car

Road trips are a fun way to travel, but it’s vital to pack the right necessities to help you sleep at night. Be safe if you must camp out by the side of the road by choosing the right spot. Create the right sleeping atmosphere in your car by packing a sleeping bag with you or a comfy pillow and cozy quilt. Curl in the back seat, roll down the front seat, or if you have a trunk, leave space for a makeshift bed. You can also play some soothing music to fall asleep under the stars.

If you’re travelling by bus

Busses can get very crowded and sleeping might not come easy to you. However, you can choose your travel time wisely as early-morning busses or late-night ones are less crowded. Try not to go cheap with bus classes, and splurge on first-class tickets as the seats are more comfortable. Don’t forget to have your sleeping accessories for you at all times for better access, and choose a window seat that can support your head better along with your neck pillow. Bring your own snacks as well for the late-night munchies!

If you’re travelling by train

Trains resemble planes in terms of fluctuating temperatures; so be sure to pack well by having a jacket with you if you get cold, or bring a blanket to warm up. Be sure to also have your ticket somewhere accessible so the conductor doesn’t wake you up. Also, don’t forget to keep your travel sleeping accessories with you so you can use them to encourage dozing off. You can also consider the one true benefit that trains have for overnight trips. Even though they come at an additional cost, they will definitely help you sleep better on your overnight trip. They’re private areas with your own bed and linens; bring your own pillow for maximum comfort. You can also pack up some essential oils or your own soothing music to relax you.  

Traveling overnight can cause quite a few disturbances to your sleeping pattern. However, with the right accessories, and a few tips and tricks, you can sleep naturally no matter what vehicle you’re in. Create your own sleeping atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing.

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