With the gradual ease in the COVID-19 lockdown and the rapid adjustments to the new normal, UK health practitioners and workers of other sectors are opening for business, and dentists in the City and County of Cardiff are not left out.

With post lockdown protocols in place to ensure patients’ safety while being administered dental treatments and the need to prevent health issues like oral cancer that may arise from dental problems left unattended to, people are now free to revisit their dentists.

For those new to Cardiff, old residents who need a change in dental care, or those who have not been to the dentist’s in a while, you need to know the following things when visiting a dentist in Cardiff.

Dental Treatment Costs and Pricing

The fees for dental treatment in Cardiff vary according to the dental service you require and whether you visit an NHS dentist or seek to patronize a private practice. If you are under age 25 and above age 60, you will be entitled to free NHS dental examinations. You may also get free NHS dental treatments if the treatment starts when under 18 or aged 18 and in full-time education.

Other categories for NHS free dental treatment include pregnant women or those who have had a baby within the preceding 12 months to the treatment, NHS in-patient or NHS hospital dental service out-patient, low-income earners, and NHS tax credit exemptions.   If you do not come under any of these categories, you may be charged the appropriate NHS dental treatment fees.

Private Cardiff dental practices will have their fees and pricing lists and payment plans and options available on their websites or ready at their front desk when you visit.

Family Bookings

While some dentists in Cardiff may offer solely specialized services or cater to a specific age bracket, others are skilled in a range of dental services, including pediatric dentistry and other technical dental procedures, to cater to all ages’ dental needs. These are called family dentists. They are ideal for family dental visits and save you the stress of booking several dentists’ appointments.

Licensed Dentists and Dental Practitioners are Registered with the GDC

All qualified Cardiff dentists, dental nurses, hygienists, technicians, therapists, orthodontists, and clinical dental technician ought to be registered with the UK General Dental Council, failure of which will make their practice illegal. Before booking an appointment with your chosen dentist Cardiff, you may need to search for their practice on the GDC’s register to be sure they are duly registered.

Emergency Walk-in

It’s usual to have an emergency dental issue like a chipped tooth, pains and swellings, and teeth loss, requiring dental implants Cardiff.  Such events require an impromptu visit to the dentist without booking an appointment or being a registered patient.  Some private practices may accommodate emergency surgeries and care, and you can also call or contact NHS 111 online to connect you to an emergency dental service.

There you have it. Arm yourself with this information and more to help you select the right dentist to see and keep you informed on the practices and regulations of dentistry in Cardiff.


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