Strange and Visible Symptoms of Cancer Most Women Ignore

I really don’t want to write about this topic.

Some of you will ask: “then why write about it?”.

That’s a good question.

Even though this topic gives me those bad chills every time I see it, I feel the need to share everything I find about it.

We are all scared of this. Especially when we feel some strange and unexplained pain.

We all feel it. We are all scared of it. We constantly hear doctors say they found a cure for it.

However, the reality is different.

Very often we have a lot of things happening around us. This makes us not pay attention to the thing happening to us.

We always say that’s minor. There is no room for panic. We will get that done later.

That time never comes. Or it becomes too late.

New studies have climbed up the hill with different warnings.

There are new signs of cancer that we weren’t aware of.

These are like warnings that something is developing. We have to act and visit our doctor.

Maybe it’s nothing serious, but why take chances?

Unexplained Weight Loss

Losing weight, but you are not even trying?

No, there isn’t anything to cheer for. It might be something serious.

Losing 10 pounds or more can be very serious.

According to the American Cancer Society reports, unexplained weight loss is the first sign of cancer.

This is a warning for pancreatic, lung, stomach or esophageal cancer.

Lump or Bumps

Many women ignore this sign. By some, it’s really obvious that something is happening.

But ours “it’s nothing” quote is causing us pain. If you find strange looking lumps, visit the doctor right away.

Let him confirm that it’s nothing.


This is really surprising. A cough can be developed from everything.

Colds and coughs are everywhere around us. It doesn’t mean you have cancer, but you’ll want to get that checked up.

After you are feeling better from the flu, but a cough is still there, you might have something else.

If a cough persists it could indicate you for laryngeal, thyroid or lung cancer.
<a href=httpwwwcancergovtypesthyroidpatientthyroid treatment pdq>wwwcancergov<a>

Long Lasting Sore Throat

Another tougher.

You can find many people struggle with a sore throat.

Especially now when it’s flu season.

It could mean something else. It might be a sign for developing laryngeal or throat cancer.

Difficulty Swallowing

Throat constriction is a very uncommon symptom.

It could be something connected to the immune or nervous system.

On the other hand, it’s also a symptom of cancer in the throat, stomach or esophagus.

Strange Bleeding

Unexpected bleeding should never be ignored. It’s so visible.

It can occur in almost every phase of cancer. It’s probably the last warning sign for you to visit your doctor.

Coughing up blood means lung cancer. Blood in the stool could lead to rectal or colon cancer.

Women who experience unexpected vaginal bleeding should do an immediate check up for endometrial cancer.

Bloody discharge from the nipple signals breast cancer.

Urinating blood can mean kidney or bladder cancer
<a href=httpwwwhealthcare onlineorgBladder Cancerhtml>wwwhealthcare onlineorg<a>

Random Pain

Another thing we need to think about.

When there is a problem with us, our body signals it with a painful feeling.

The American cancer Society says this could be a signal that cancer has spread its wings.

This is a crucial sign to make an appointment with your doctor.

Changes in Bowel Habits and Bladder Activity

Disruptions are usually caused by certain foods or medications.

If you notice something is not right and the disruptions become regular, this could be a sign of  colon cancer.

Urinary tract infections are common in women. That’s why this symptom is disregarded as another UTI.

However, seeing blood in your urine and unexplained pain while going to the urgent care to visit a doctor.

Let him be the one to rule out cancer.

Changes in Skin Moles

My mother is so scared of moles. She is always telling me to watch out for them.

When I was a little kid she was always telling me not to touch them.

Be careful with them because they could indicate skin cancer. Get them checked.

Many of them are treatable.

I didn’t mean to scare you. My purpose was to warn you.

Maybe it’s really something. Let the doctors decide whether you are developing some form of cancer or not.

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.

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Source: The Science of Eating

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