Use fabric pots for gardening – here’s why

 People have been cultivating plants in containers for longer than anyone can remember. Roman remains have hinted at the possibility that they were the first people to grow plants in containers to make the activity of bringing them indoors during cold weathers easier.

Over time, technology has helped improve the state of these containers until the invention of fabric pots. Made from breathable fabrics, these pots were designed as an alternative to hard plastic, clay, or ceramic pots.

Fabric pots were first used by industries that nursed large amounts of growing trees as they needed a better way to protect what they were selling.

Since then, fabric pots have become the first choice for nursery and farm owners and even individuals who have an interest in horticulture.

If you haven’t already started making use of fabric pots, the following should help you come to a decision faster:

Air Pruning

The fabric used in several brands of fabric pots allows for a flow of air that strengthens the root systems of the plants. Simply put, when the roots of your plant hit the fabric pot, they can identify the presence of air through the fabric.

That identification of air helps the plant focus on increasing its root rather than circling a few roots around the border of the container.

This process subsequently encourages plant growth while discouraging root binding and circulation.

Soil Aeration

Another advantage that fabric pots provide your plant is soil aeration, which allows a plant’s root to stay healthy while making proper use of the nutrients in your soil.


Fabric pots are better than clay or plastic pots as they keep a plant’s roots cooler.

Less Rot

Fabric pots reduce the chance of root rot by permitting your soil to breathe and drain properly.


Fabric pots help protect and care for root balls from disease and death by acting as a barrier from garden pests and rodents.


The breathability of fabric pots provides several options to people as to how they want to grow their plants. Whether it’s growing by soil, aeroponics, or hydroponics, there’s a fabric pot for your need.


Fabric pots are very comfortable as they are lightweight, can be stored easily, and can be washed by machines. For example, if you want to take a break from planting, you can easily fold the fabric and store it for later use.


Fabric pots are also efficient especially if you do not have an in-ground garden. You can simply put your fabric pot(s) in any area of your home that gets about 6-8 hours of sunlight a day.


Cultivating your plants in a fabric pot gives you power over what organic matter goes into the containers – and eventually, the plants.

If you have decided to purchase a fabric pot, please, ensure that you choose one that will keep your plant(s) happy.

Be on the lookout for pots made with high-quality fabrics, as those made with low-quality material will allow unwanted chemicals into your soil.

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