USA Breakfast Trends In 2020

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” is an expression that parents have been using for decades, and with good reason. Research shows that eating a nutritious breakfast can aid weight loss, improve concentration, and even help to control cholesterol levels. It seems that U.S. citizens have been getting the message because the morning meal has become popular. For most people, the focus is on nutrition, but variety and convenience also play roles in recent breakfast trends.

Hemp Has Become a Breakfast Favorite

As more states legalize medical marijuana, there has been an increased interest in hemp, a cannabis strain that offers nutritional benefits without the “high.” Hemp is being included in dozens of foods and supplements, including veterinary products. Millions of citizens take hemp capsules along with their breakfasts to prevent inflammation and reduce stress. Many also contact Veterinary Naturals and order hemp supplements so their pets can start their days with an extra boost of nutrition.

Meat-Free Breakfasts Are Popular

High-protein breakfasts are trending because they support muscle health and can aid in weight loss. However, General Mills nutrition specialists report that 51% of Americans are switching to plant-based protein for their health. Meat-free mornings are becoming trendy, with consumers choosing plant- and dairy-based recipes instead. They are embracing dishes like butternut squash and goat cheese turnovers and quinoa breakfast porridge. According to global research company Mintel, 39% of U.S. citizens now substitute high-protein supplements for traditional breakfast, at least part of the time.

Breakfasts that include hemp hearts are catching on. Hemp is packed with essential nutrients, including protein, amino acids, and omega 3 and 6. It is also a powerful antioxidant that can help fight off an array of diseases.

Greens Are Now Morning Food

Americans are embracing the worldwide habit of eating vegetables with breakfast. A morning meal that includes greens can boost productivity and is a mood enhancer. It improves digestion and makes it easier to lose weight. Breakfast salads are trending because they are easy to make and allow for creativity. Adding plant-based or dairy protein sources is also easy.

Favorite recipes include eggs, cheese, tofu, tempeh, peas, and nuts, as well as a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Delicious options such as a spinach tofu scramble provide bountiful amounts of protein and vitamins.

Americans Enjoy Breakfast on the Go

With dozens of businesses serving a wide range of breakfast items, millions of busy people now save time by ordering breakfast and picking it up. As the competition among companies heats up, options for affordable, tasty breakfast choices increase. Industry publication Restaurant Dive reports that Americans ordered 102 billion breakfasts in 2019 in addition to 50 million morning snacks. Ordering out is not only a solution for a tight schedule, but it also offers choices.

Restaurants provide nutrition information for every item on their menus. Customers can put together low-calorie, high-energy meals or splurge on more sumptuous items when they are in the mood. Many companies now offer all-day breakfast, online ordering, and even delivery service.

Almost everyone enjoys a delicious breakfast, but, in recent years, the morning meal has also become a critical part of many Americans’ overall nutrition plans. Healthy breakfasts now include everything from salads to nutrition shakes. Breakfasts can consist of supplements for both people and their pets. The trend is away from meat and toward healthier ingredients. Americans also love ordering breakfast and picking it up or having it delivered.

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