Update your spring wardrobe with trendy short suits

Do you want a comfortable formal fit, a casual outfit, or suitable clothing for a wedding? You can try out the trending short suits for various occasions this season.

Blazer and shorts: A blend of Reiss wool and linen

The material is not entirely made u of linen as we have found some fitting with Reiss! The overcoat is thick with a properly structured lining on its inside, making it a more organized piece. You can wear a white shirt or a t-shirt underneath and pair it up with jeans, tapered trousers or a leather midi skirt during winter. The pockets are roomy enough to carry essentials alongside your phone without upsetting the fitting.

STAUD cotton linen woven Blazer with shorts

This classy piece gives a professional look and follows the new trend of short-suits. The grey color lets you choose the color of your shirt, although pink is a perfect match or white makes it better for an official purpose. Shorts are tailored in Bermuda-style, ending just above your knee.

Oversized Blazer and shorts in monochrome check print

Playful outfit keeping you out of a professional look, the monochrome check print is trending! Oversized Blazer gives a relaxing fit, although you can order a size down if you want it to be a tight-fitting one. However, the oversized Blazer gives a free fitting. The clothing is not structured, and yet it holds shape. Longline shorts work well with it. If you don’t like a matching outfit, you can pair the shorts with a black blazer.

Bermuda shorts with mango blazer

The light brown shade will enhance the comfort-look. You have roomy pockets on the linen mix blazer. The inner lining is tailored with cotton material and will give you a more cooling effect during high temperatures.

Sea green blazer paired with shorts

Be it sunny days or pleasant nights, this vibrant sea green outfit will keep up the trend. Paired up with shorts and strappy heels, keep your accessories neutral and carry a clutch bag.

Zara faux-leather Blazer with Bermuda shorts

Providing enough coverage, this Zara outfit suits all body types. The tie waist on the leather wrap blazer with the V neckline is easily adjustable. The outfit is more suitable in a cold climate, and the Bermuda shorts complete the look.

Kimono-like jacket and shorts

The north-fold jackets are lightweight, and the bell sleeves give a modern touch to a classic outfit. It is paired up with a high waist, thigh-skimming shorts, suiting best for holidays. To wear it for a wedding, use the jacket as a drape across your shoulders and wear a bodysuit underneath. Additionally, high heels are a perfect match.

Zara’s matching tweed duo

Shorts-like-skirt with a cotton blend blazer is Zara’s trending matching tweed duo. The Blazer has pocket flaps of faux leather, and you can go a size higher to make sure it’s not too tight.

IDOL Floral Suit set

This suit set is purely a polyester fabric but keeps up the shape reasonably well. The bold floral print hides the creases. You can wear a plain top and keep the jacket open for a break in the pattern.

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