Understanding the Gen Z Fashion Style Through Their Must-Have Outfits

Generation Z is considered young people born between 1997-2012. They are the first generation of digital citizens, tech addicts, and the ones changing the face of today’s fashion industry. The ethos of Gen Z – personal comfort, uniqueness, bold originality, and creativity, joined by an awareness of social and environmental issues, sets this generation apart from the previous ones. Gen Z consumers are all about allying their shopping habits with their personal beliefs. 

But what precisely does that mean? Let us dig in. 

The Basics of Gen Z Style

Generation Z values comfort and function. They are interested in cultivating a natural and spontaneous aesthetic look and have a casual approach to style. A diverse collection of easy-to-wear, sometimes mismatched, oversized pieces that can be thrown on and worn all day long is what catches their eye. However, that does not mean that they do not care what they wear. Gen Z is very much into exclusivity. They are always on social media (Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat), so they feel constant pressure regularly to have new and unique clothes. Looking different (and consequently fresh and individual) is paramount.

Furthermore, being unique — and balancing that with saving money — is a defining trait of this generation. Wearing something once or twice usually means buying the cheapest possible apparel. Respecting diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity, promoting confident, feel-good, and body-positive images are some of the other essential elements they look in a clothing line. And when it comes to deciding what clothes to buy, Gen Z listens to their peers and relatable influencers.

That said, if you are interested in getting up to speed with Gen Z-ers, let us look at some of the style cues that define their fashion statements.  

Speak Your Mind (Out Loud) and On Your Clothes

Generation Z is all about speaking their minds on their passions, political, social, or environmental issues, and practically anything pressing them. They love to be honest and open and have no second thoughts on extending their views and reflections to their clothing. Graphic tees, paired with casual jeans or short skirts, help them achieve the off-duty image that works perfectly for day and night. If you love this vogue idea as much as we do, opt, for example, for a not today satan shirt that speaks for itself, and feels fresh and unique while wearing your cute little pep talk on your clothes. The way we see it, graphic applications definitely add a bit more coolness, comfort, and quality to your favorite shirt.

Athleisure Outfits

Athleisure outfits are particularly crucial to youngsters since they work perfectly from gym to office to dinner, and offer comfort, which is key for Gen Z. Sportswear like yoga pants with sleek patterns, tights, or leggings, paired with duster coats and high-end sneakers, exhibit a relaxed and chic look that can fit in many contexts. Athleisure perfectly reflects the change in the lifestyle – our busy and hectic lives demand an increased health relaxed standards of dress. Yet, to say that Gen-Z is only looking for comfort is an understatement. That is why for many, the athleisure style is about mixing function and fashion, thus feeling cool and luxurious. 

Denim Appeal and Tiny ‘90s sunglasses

Denim is non-negotiable in the wardrobes of the ever-evolving Generation Z. Most of these young consumers prefer denim jeans made of 100 percent cotton or cotton blends. Vintage vibes, delivered in lightweight fabrics, offering comfort (and quality) is what they are after. That being said, wide-legged jeans are utterly fashionable due to their versatility, effortlessness, and well, the convenience they offer. Pair them with shapeless T-shirts, sweatshirts, or tube tops, and you are ready for the day. 

Gender-fluid denim jackets or ones with vintage motives are another natural accompaniment to the other casual clothes Gen Z already wears. You can often see them paired with unisex hoodies or t-shirts, achieving the ultimate cool and relaxed look. 

This generation is almost obsessed with small-framed sunnies that were popular in the ’90s. The trend is so popular that we can see celebrities like Kendall, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Bella, and Gigi Hadid posting pictures while wearing them on Instagram. The most popular are the rectangular cat-eyed sunglasses that give a sassy edge to practically every outfit.


Young people today love gender-neutral outfits, and for them, gender is definitely out of style. That is why they are obsessed with Normcore as a unisex fashion expression characterized by normal-looking clothing. The trend rejects extravagance and flare, and instead, leans into comfortable pieces and neutral tones. The idea is to stand out by blending in, which makes it one of Generation Z’s favorite fashion expressions! However, for an apparel piece to be considered normcore, it must be polished and be of high-quality. Items like white tee-shirts, black or blue jeans, button-ups in neutral tones, zip-up hoodies, and monochrome sneakers look good on everyone. 

Fanny packs as your go-to bags

Another great throwback from the ‘90s is the favorite bag of Gen Z-ers – the fanny pack. Thrown over the shoulders or hang as a belt bag, this item is often matched with casual wear such as athleisure, shirts, joggers, jeans, sweaters, and practically every outfit young people have. However, fanny packs are more than accessories, they’re able to complement everything. They are also incredibly practical and convenient for just about any occasion – from rocking at a party, going off grocery shopping or clothes shopping to going on a hike.

Final Thoughts

Generation Z might be all about social media presence, comfort, and not so pricey clothing choices. Still, they are by no means “superficial”!

They want to know where their piece is made, by whom, and with which materials. Before buying, Gen Z-ers consider a product’s ecological footprint and its full lifecycle. Simply put, they want to wear clothes that are made better, look better, and will last longer!

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