How to Understand Your Body to Plan Your Diet & Training

People pay attention. The body types are finally explained.

For those who don’t know there are 3 female and male types

  • Ectomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Endomorph

If you ask someone what’s a body type he would definitely answer, “the way someone looks”.

That’s true. But there is something else attached to this.

It goes deeper than that. Your body provides more information than you think.

Unfortunately, people can’t read them.

It’s easier for them to give up if something doesn’t work. Your body does exactly that.

It gives you information how to diet and train. It’s not that nothing works.

You just need to find what works.

This explanation of the body types might get you on the right track.

Here are the full body types explained:


This body type is for skinny people. They often have a small frame, joints, lean muscle and light build.

Their metabolism is extremely fast. The weight gain is almost unbelievable for these people.

Yeah, there are people who can’t gain weight.

They have long thin limbs with stringy muscles.

Ectomorphs need an extremely large amount of fat to gain weight. They easily overeat and can gain little to none body fat.

Food Intake

Adding size to their frame is difficult. That’s largely because of their fast metabolism.

This doesn’t mean that they can eat whatever they like.

Diet is very important. If you are one of these people, you need to eat more carbs during the day.

Carbs should be present always in your meals. Veggies and fruits need to have 3:1 serving ratio.

The best way to keep your diet on a high level is to eat more frequently. Aim for more meals during the day.

Never skip breakfast. It should be the largest meal of the day.


Focus on straight training with limited cardio. It burns calories, but you can incorporate different shock training (supersets)


These body types have a medium sized bone structure. It’s called the best body for bodybuilding


    • Athletic
    • Well defined muscles
    • Generally hard body
    • Strong
    • Rectangular Shaped body
    • Gains Muscle easily

Gains fat easily

Because all of this, this body is perfect for combining weight training and cardio.

Food Intake

This body very often goes along with well-mixed diet.

You need to balance your intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

The split of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat is a proven way of well-balanced diet.

This body type also has a moderate carb tolerance. This means avoiding to eat high-level carb foods during your rest period.

Try to eat more of these foods during poor exercise and in the morning.

In the other periods of the day focus more on proteins, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.


These body types are very strong and have a great response to exercises.

Doing upper and lower body, lower to heavy weight body exercises with limited rest will give you the best results.

Keep an eye on this:

  • Two or three sets per exercise
  • 8 to 12 repetitions each
  • Rest 30 to 90 seconds after sets


People with this body type have a larger bone structure. Alongside that, they come with higher body mass and fat mass amounts.

It’s extremely hard for them to get rid off that extra fat.

Those are the people who say: Even when I drink water I’m getting fat.

It’s not like that, of course. They are trying to say something else.

Their metabolism is very slow. People with this body type are insulin dominant which leads to greater amounts of energy storage.

This includes both the fat and lean mass storage.

With this being said, they are not punished for being overweight.

They just need bigger effort to lose the extra fat.

Lot bigger.

Everything is achievable when you have your goal on your mind.

You need to boost your body. Force it to do the things you want it to do naturally.

Hard work pays off in the end.

Teach your metabolism to reduce the fat.


  • Soft, round body
  • Gains fat and muscle easily
  • Is short
  • Stocky build
  • Hard to lose weight
  • Very slow metabolism
  • Muscles not defined
  • Round physique

With this kind of slow metabolism, you need to eat the right foods to remain healthy and fit.


Endomorphs have the best results when their diet is based on proteins.

The carbohydrate intake should be properly balanced and controlled. It should be timed perfectly with their training.

The ideal intake should look something like this: 25% carbs, 35% protein and 40% fats.

Yes, I’m talking about the good fats.

Avoid eating carbs outside your workout window.

Focus more on proteins, good fats, veggies and fruits.


With your weight, you have more fat than muscle mass.

To make the fat melt and your body mass transform into muscle, you need to have a perfectly structured workout.

Endomorphic should always use cardio and weight training.

Visiting the gym often, paying attention to their diet will give them the results they want.

So, what body-type are you?

If you don’t know, share this with your friends and see what body type they are.

Source: The Science of Eating

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