Types of Massage and Their Health Benefits

There are few things more relaxing and good for your overall health than a massage. If you have bad posture, sore muscles, or are feeling stressed then a few sessions on a massage table might be exactly what you need.

The best thing about massages is that they are natural, don’t have any side-effects, and with just an hour session you’ll notice a vast improvement in your well-being. There are various types of massage therapy, and deciding on which form is best for you and your health needs can be a little confusing at first.

But it doesn’t need to be – I will give you a brief overview of the 6 most popular forms of massage therapy and how the techniques can help you feel emotionally, physically, and mentally a whole lot better. You can also pop over to this web-site.

Types of Massage and Their Health Benefits

Swedish Massage

Probably the most popular type of massage therapy – especially in the Western world is Swedish massage. This form of massage uses 5 key types of strokes; vibration, tapping, cross fiber, sliding, and kneading.

Swedish is perfect for reducing muscular pain, improving flexibility, relaxing you both mentally and physically, and loosening joints. A great massage if it’s your first time.

Balinese Massage

A Balinese massage incorporates some of the techniques involved in a Swedish massage but adds a holistic element and involves more deep-tissue work. It’s great for stimulating blood flow around the body and helping stimulate your body’s natural healing process to get you feeling your best.

It’s quite a hands-on and firm massage so not the best choice for a first timer. But does an excellent job of helping you feel better both physically and mentally.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a form of massage that involves pressure being targeted on pressure points around the body. By targeting these pressure points, health issues all over the body can be healed. It’s also centered around using the body’s natural energy flow to help heal.

It’s great for targeting specific issues like damaged muscles, bone pain, bad posture, and such ailments. Book an appointment with a therapist to discuss your needs and see if this is the type of massage for you.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages utilize hot stones, oils, and can really dig deeper into the muscles to help relax and resolve deep-rooted issues causing pain and discomfort. It’s a great choice for restoring blood flow around the body and improving your immune system.

You can choose which essential oils the therapist uses too. Maybe you want lavender essential oil for added relaxation, or ginger to help reduce inflammation. You’ll feel your worries and stresses drifting away, that’s for sure.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages are usually reserved for athletes and people suffering from specific injuries that can be targeted with the techniques performed in deep tissue work. It’s very effective at relieving muscular tension, knots, and damage deep in the tissues.

It’s possible a chiropractor will refer you for a deep tissue massage if you have a muscular injury. You can also seek out a consultation if you think you would benefit from one.

So, there you have it, five of the best and most popular forms of massage therapy. If you’re feeling like you need to recharge the batteries, have some aches and pains that are bothering you, or want a pampering session – book a massage now!

Don’t be afraid to have that first session. There is nothing to worry about, there are only good things that can come out of having a massage. I can almost guarantee you will be going back again too. It will keep you for more addictive, fun, and good feelings. Check this link right here now for more info.