Types of CBD Edibles

The word “edible” isn’t just for pot brownies anymore, and it hasn’t been for a few years. It might still be the first thing people think of, but CBD infused edibles have their own diverse and growing market.

What Is CBD?

There is a world of difference between the marijuana in a proverbial pot brownie and the hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) found in gummies, chocolates, and other snacks. Both are extracted from the cannabis plant, but CBD offers soothing properties without intoxication; and as of 2019, it’s legal nationwide at the federal level.

Hemp variations of cannabis grown in the United States must have less than 0.3% THC, which is the plant’s intoxicating compound. Some companies are able to extract CBD with negligible levels of THC while others prefer a full-spectrum approach, which means other cannabis compounds are purposefully present in small amounts. These compounds are called cannabinoids, and the plant produces over a hundred different kinds.

Since the CBD edibles market is saturated with different options, always look for a company that you can trust that provides lab results verifying their CBD amounts and purity.

Popularity in Market

Edibles may not be the single most popular form of CBD on the market yet, especially not while cbd oil tinctures have anything to say about it. CBD oil seems to be what most consumers are familiar with, and it is the base product that’s mixed into topicals and edibles alike since CBD requires a carrier oil.

So you may wonder, what is the difference between CBD oils in this case? Aren’t oil tinctures for oral administration as well? 

Although CBD oil is technically edible, it has a strong taste and is taken sublingually, which means you hold it under your tongue and let it be absorbed before swallowing. CBD oil edibles, on the other hand, are intended to be eaten.

They mask the flavor and offer a variety of consumption methods you can enjoy from morning until night. There’s usually a smaller serving of CBD in these treats, but there’s no harm in increasing how many you take to reach the strength that supports your needs. 

Variety of CBD-Infused Edibles Available Today

As of today, the FDA isn’t entirely on board with CBD infused edibles. But they recognize the demand for edible products and take a lax approach, so the market blossoms with choices in the meantime.

Even when the FDA feels the need to step in, it is to reprimand retailers — not the consumers, The agency is meant to protect. You can purchase freely, and try any number of these CBD oil edibles which are available.

#1 CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are probably the most common form of CBD edible. Supportive gummies already come in many varieties, delivering vitamins, melatonin, and omega-3s. Considering CBD may promote optimal health and soothe stress and restlessness, these would make an excellent take on the morning multivitamin.

CBD infused gummies can often be found in a few flavors, either plain or sour and as bears or worms. Green Roads offers gummy frogs for the fan of amphibians, and a stronger toad variant, which contains more CBD per serving.

#2 CBD Chocolates

The next most common edible is CBD chocolates. Their only drawback is that the CBD often alters the flavor of the chocolate somewhat. We wouldn’t recommend eating this every day as a supportive measure. 

The amount of cannabidiol in an individual serving can be relatively low. And like regular chocolate, CBD chocolate bars are more of a treat or a pick me up.

What is CBD’s purpose in the chocolate products then? Well, everyone knows that for the chocolate lover, taking a break, unwrapping the chocolate, and popping it into their mouth is the ultimate indulgence. CBD chocolate emphasizes the stress-relieving aspects of the ritual and can be easily passed around and shared among friends.

#3 CBD Cakes

CBD cakes are perhaps the smallest segment of the CBD edibles market. Most likely, this is because they fill a similar niche as chocolate. But if you’re a diehard fan of cake, there are still options for you!

These are mostly available as soft, chewy cake pops, in different flavors as you would expect. They work well to mask the taste of CBD without tasting too weird themselves, and they make a great treat for munching on and relaxing at the end of a long day.

And for bakers, CBD cake recipes are plentiful and simple enough. Try creating your own CBD cake or cake pops at home.

#4 CBD Honey

CBD infused honey is a growing, somewhat pricey market. There are still plenty of different options here, from whole bottles to honey sticks you can use as drink mixers. CBD honey works well because it provides an easy way to add cannabidiol to other food and drink, like tea or drizzled over buttered bread.

Green Roads has its own blend of CBD infused tea available, but that’s certainly no catchall. Use CBD honey to add a sweetened splash of its calming properties to your favorite morning Earl Grey or nightly chamomile. 


If you want to consume CBD, you don’t have to resort to sipping on a bottle of oil. From products you can take daily to ones you can snack on, you’ll never run out of possible options for CBD infused edibles. 

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all cannabidiol edibles. New specialty products pop up all the time; not to mention the CBD beverages that are available. In the future, should the FDA make a formal approval of CBD infused food and drink, you’ll find a market full of quality as much as quantity. 

Until then, stay informed and buy safely.

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