Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Two-toned cabinets are quite a popular fad nowadays – one that comes with a great number of possibilities. You may choose to have lower and upper cabinets in different colors. Or you may choose every other door to have a different hue. Choosing to go for cabinets in two colors will instantly revitalize your kitchen, provided you go for the appropriate color combo. 

Rules for Two-Toned Cabinet Colors

When choosing the cabinet colors for your kitchen, there are certain factors that you want to keep in mind. Here is what you may want to be particularly attentive to: 

  • Balance: When choosing the colors for your two-toned cabinets, you need to be careful about the balance. Instead of mixing two opposite colors (like blue and yellow), try only varying the tonality (light blue and dark blue). Or, if you want to go for a very bold color that demands quite a lot of visual energy, choose a more neutral secondary color to balance it.
  • Complementary: One good way to ensure you choose right is to check the color wheel. This way, you will be able to determine whether a color goes well with the other or not.
  • Accent Second Tone: For two-color cabinets to mix well with each other, you might want to use the second color as an accent. Sometimes, highlights offer a better sense of balance in comparison to even color themes – therefore, allowing you to bring your kitchen out even more.
  • White: The beauty of white is that you may use it either with one color or with two colors. The neutrality of the color will give you a sensation of balance, creating a visually aesthetic area on which your eyes may rest.

By mixing the colors that you love with these tricks in mind, you will certainly be able to make your kitchen look fabulous.

Cabinet Colors that Go Well Together

Looking to make your cabinets look fabulous? Here are some nice color combos that you may use: 


  • White and Charcoal Gray


If you are looking to get a slightly more old-fashioned vibe in the kitchen, then you will certainly love this color mix. White kitchen cabinets will look fabulous with charcoal color – and if you add some red pops (e.g. the appliances), you will certainly get a fabulous look in your kitchen.


  • White and Apple Green


Those picking this color are generally the ones that want to reconnect with nature – and why not, add a touch of boldness around it. Since apple green is already a bold-enough color, you might want to mix it with white, to get that balance we’ve mentioned. This way, the eye will not be overwhelmed once you step inside the kitchen. 


  • Timber Brown and Black


If you wish to get a more “official” vibe, then you might want to mix black with dark timber cabinets. They are far from boring in the right kitchen – and if you have the right lighting, it is quite clear that you will get a formal and elegant look. This look will be particularly nice for houses that are bigger and “manor-style.”


  • Black and White


Nothing beats the beauty given off by a monochrome color pattern – namely, the black and white combo. Not only is it highly fashionable, but it will also make your kitchen look as modern as it can be. One good way to combine these two is to choose white side cabinets (upper and lower), and then mix them with a black island. This way, you will create a focal point that is highly complimented by the neutral background. 


  • Navy and White


In case you wish to get a more royal vibe out of your kitchen, you might want to try navy blue for the lower cabinets and white fir the upper cabinets. This way, not only will you get the impression of space, but there will also be a clear elegance that is normally associated with royalty. 

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few ways that you can mix colors. However, what’s important to remember is that some balance has to be kept as well. Still, as long as you use neutral colors to balance out the strength of bold colors, your kitchen should look elegant and fabulous. Visit RTA Cabinet Supply for more kitchen cabinet ideas.

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