Twin Centre Holidays to Consider for Your Next Vacation

Travelers are choosing to spend time in more than one major destination when they go on vacation. People want to experience more, see more and take in as many sights and sounds as they can when they travel.

And twin centre holidays allow for just that: maximum exposure.

Travel agencies and sites are creating these no-hassle packages to allow travelers to make the most out of their time off.

British Airways is even offering these holiday packages because travelers prefer to see more, do more and spend more when it’s easier for them to do so. And you can choose to visit two major city centers, or it can be two completely different countries.

Twin centre holidays which are popular right now include:

Mexico and Costa Rica

Mexico and Costa Rica are two travel hotspots in the Americas, and they’re usually offered as a twin centre holiday. You will have a lot of things to do, from a day trip to Chichen Itza to Chichen Itza or other historical locations.

Take cruises in pristine waters, visit national parks or enjoy watersports.

Visit Costa Rica’s rain forests, go to Arenal Volcano or enjoy beautiful hanging bridges. You may even meet a few monkeys along the way.

Morocco and Tanzania

Morocco is a tourist-friendly destination that has the beautiful Atlas Mountains to explore. You’ll also find desert scenery and waterfalls that you can visit. Trek through the Sahara and don’t forget to visit the beautiful Jardin Majorelle gardens.

Make your way to Tanzania next, where you’ll have ample time to snorkel, go to the ancient Hamamni Persian ruins or the Kaole Ruins. Don’t forget to stop by Cheetah’s Rock to get up close to these beautiful big cats.

Try new cuisine, hike to waterfalls, and enjoy delectable food while you’re at it.

Malta and Sicily

Malta and Sicily are connected via a ferry, and you can also go to North Africa if you want to try something different. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, festivals and churches of Malta. This European destination has historic walking areas, air raid shelters and St. John’s Co-Cathedral to enjoy.

Popeye Village is a great destination to explore, and you’ll want to schedule in cave and lagoon exploration.

Sicily offers delightful food and sights to see, too. Visit Mount Etna, Norman Palace or go to Poggioreale. There are also theaters that are hundreds of years old and plenty of sights to see across Sicily.

Packages tend to be the most popular option for these multi city tours because they allow you to visit multiple destinations without worrying about which hotel you’ll stay in or if you’ll have enough time to visit every destination.

When you choose a package, all of the details are laid or for you, making the decision process much easier.

But if you don’t mind choosing hotels, booking airline tickets and taking the entirety of your trip into your own hands, then you can also create your own multi centre vacation on your own. It’s a fun and exciting way to travel the world.

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