TV viewing is not the same with Kodi

An open source media player that has been created since 2002 Kodi is specifically for home entertainment. This app has had an impact on anyone and everyone who shares and stream content from home. At first, it was under the name of Xbox media player than in 2003; it was changed to Xbox media center which remained intact till 2014 when it was changed to Kodi.

If you’re a fan of streaming movies, TV shows, and sports, then Kodi is the best place to do all this and more. Let’s take a look at the features of Kodi

The key features of Kodi are

It contains translation and language support. It can translate up to 12 languages

The main feature of Kodi is that it can translate up to 12 languages and this helps for those who don’t know English because it translates up to 12 languages it is highly recommended and anyone can use Kodi.

Under one program you can access all your media file

Another key feature of Kodi is that helps in accessing your media files under one programme. These make it hassle-free, and you can use this one program.

Kodi has created a variety of addon and 3rd party developers. While streaming TV shows and movies to protect your IP address. The VPN is used in Kodi to protect the IP address and personal information.  You can select and use the best free VPN for Netflix to enhance your viewing experience.

The pros and cons of using Kodi


At the click of a button, you can find TV series and movies. The best thing about Kodi is that it is really easy to use with the click of a button you’ll find the content you’re looking for.          

Because the addon and plugin are so versatile, this allows you to personalize your own experience.

It is available in so many platforms from your pc to your mac, to the ios, Linux and Android. Another pro for Kodi is that it is available on any application from using it in your laptop to using it in your phone it is easily accessible.

Another pro for Kodi is that there are several tutorials on how to use it, so it becomes easy to use.


It can be difficult to install, one of the many drawbacks of Kodi is that it cannot be installed easily

Because the addon is created by the third party, therefore, it can take several tries to find on that is functional 


Kodi is a beautiful experience, and you shouldn’t be missing out on it. It has the best addon, and if you’re looking for the best streaming in TV shows and movies, then Kodi is the way. The Kodi setup guide is one that you have to read to understand Kodi more.


Finally, to conclude though there are drawbacks in Kodi yet it is still one of the best add-ons, and nothing surpasses Kodi in the best streaming of TV shows and movies and with a click of a finger you can easily find the content you’re looking for.

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