Tuscany’s Most Gorgeous Wedding Venues

Is Tuscany the most romantic place on Earth? Probably not; the world is a big place and there have to be one or two corners of the globe that have more to offer than this small region of Italy.

That being said, if you had to choose a destination for your wedding, you would be spoilt for choice in Tuscany. There are simply too many natural and manmade wonders in the region.

The food and the wine are to die for, and the people are as friendly as they are exotic. That isn’t just an empty boast. There are so many suitable wedding venues in Tuscany, with the most prominent of the bunch including:


Florence isn’t just one of the most amazing places in Tuscany. It is easily one of Italy’s most important tourist destinations. Most conversations about wedding venues in Tuscany almost always devolve into arguments about Florence and Siena, and whether one of them is superior to the other.

More often than not, Florence wins out. The city has a number of hills and panoramas that should make a memorable backdrop for any wedding event. Italy’s history and culture are on full display in every street and alley you encounter.

The Palazzo Vecchio is a favorite amongst first-time visitors. For centuries, the Palazzo Vecchio has dominated political life in the country. Today, its elegant atmosphere will add an element of sophistication to every ceremony you choose to hold within its confines.

If culture and tradition is not your cup of tea, Florence has plenty of luxurious restaurants and hotels.


If you and most of your friends believe strongly that Florence is the only rational destination for a wedding in Tuscany, there’s an equal number of people somewhere in the world who will fight tooth and nail to prove that Siena is the far better option.

It is smaller but that allows it to deliver a more intimate atmosphere. Like Florence, Siena has many relics from centuries gone by, structures like the Palazzo Pubblico, not to mention cafes, restaurants, and castles each of which is more than capable of providing a charming venue for your wedding ceremony.

Even without these artistic and cultural trappings, Siena is simply a beautiful city, almost without equal.


You don’t have to go big for your wedding. Siena is a smaller city than Florence but it still brings a grandiose element to any wedding it hosts. If you want to restrict your ceremony to a cozier setting, Certaldo is the place to be.

The town is quite small and its position at the top of a hill provides a few impressive views. Certaldo looks like it never truly emerged from the medieval era. You can blame this aesthetic on the red brick houses and the multitude of colorful flowers that line the narrow streets.

A wedding in Certaldo will make you feel like you have been transported to a different time in the past.


Lucca gives you the best of all worlds. Like Siena and Florence, the city is rich in history, culture, and tradition. But Lucca is also small and cozy, surrounded by walls and boasting a palace that will make any civil ceremony magical.

There are cafes and shops lining the streets. You are guaranteed a refined and sophisticated ceremony.

Wedding Villa

If you want to retain a little more control over your wedding, you could also throw some money at a wedding villa. The people who seek the services of normally do so because they need a place to sleep in Tuscany. Tuscany Now&More has a great reputation. Their portfolio is small and focused because they have nurtured strong relationships with the villa owners in Tuscany. So they have intimate knowledge of the properties they offer and you can trust them to ensure that every villa you rent has all the 21st Century amenities you need to have a great time in the region.

However, it rarely occurs to people to reach out to Tuscany Now&More with the intention of finding a villa for their wedding.

There are plenty of high-end properties in Tuscany that offer the luxuries of a hotel and the artistic culture and history of a museum. More importantly, most property owners will not object to your decision to hold a wedding ceremony in their villa.

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