Turn Your Lipstick Into A Seductive Weapon: 14 Tips To Make Your Lips Irresistibly Kissable

This will probably get bigger attention by the teenagers. That’s good because I don’t like to make them feel forgotten here. Don’t get me wrong, moms could use these lipstick tricks, as well.

How to make your lipstick the most seducing weapon you have in your arsenal?

There are a couple of tricks and tips you could use for this period of time. Spring is a perfect time for going for a walk outside on the first warm sun.

My city here couldn’t wait for the spring sun to start shining brightly. We are all outside. It’s getting too crowded, but we like the way it is.

Watching all people, young and older, around you makes you think that the whole fashion week participants have gathered at one place.

It’s really nice and full of happy people. That’s what you need, right?

And great lipstick to make your lips pop out when you are sharing that beautiful smile.

1. The Spring Lip


Tutorial via thebeautydepartment.com

2. The Perfect Red Lip Tutorial


Tutorial via alwaysarena.com

3. How To Pull Off A Bright Lip


Tutorial via camillestyles.com

4. One Lipstick In 4 Ways


Tutorial via thechicsite.com

5. Five Tips For Kissable Lips


Tutorial via oktopodes.com

6. How Tow Wear Glitter Gloss As An Adult


Tutorial via thatcheapbitch.com

7. Make Your Lips Look Fuller


Tutorial via makeupgeek.com

8. How to Get Great Lips

How to Get Great Lips

Tutorial via wikihow.com

9. The 3D Lip Effect


Tutorial via thebeautydepartment.com

10. 3 Steps to the Perfect Red Lip

3 Steps to the Perfect Red Lip

Tutorial via elle.com

11. How To Perfectly Apply Liner On Thin, Shapeless Or Full Lips


Tutorial for thin lips, shapeless lips and full lips via blog.themodelstage.com

12. 3 Tips For Perfect Matte Lips


Tutorial via divinecaroline.com

13. How To Choose The Right Red Lipstick


Tutorial via theradiancereport.com

14. Longer Lasting Lipstick Trick


Tutorial via girllovesglam.com

You look stunning!

If you are satisfied of these tips, don’t forget to share them with your friends. They would like to see this!

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