Turn Life’s Losses into Beautiful Jewelry With Eterneva

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things to happen in a person’s life. It feels as though a permanent hole was created after their passing and nothing on this earth can fill it or make life seem whole again. Their memory lives on in your mind, in your home, through pictures, and more. However, it can also feel like the memories start to fade as time passes, which is the very last thing you want. There is a new way to remember the treasured life of your loved ones. With a memorial diamond, you can keep your loved one’s life in memory, symbolized and represented by a priceless diamond. Eterneva turns tragedy into beauty with a memorial diamond. 

Trust Eterneva to Memorialize Precious Lives 

Eterneva was founded by two people, Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar. Adelle has created an entire company from her own experiences of pain and loss. After losing her beloved mentor, she partnered with Garrett to create Eterneva. This business has become so much more than creating and selling diamond rings. It was birthed from a place of sincere pain and the loss of a loved one. Combining her desire to remember her loved ones and create a new way to keep their lives memorialized, Eternava was born. 

With Eterneva, you get sentimentality and thoughtfulness in every diamond. Created with you and your loved one in mind, your memorial diamond will keep the memory of those most important to you alive. 

Mark Cuban Loves Eterneva 

In an effort to grow the company, co-founders of Eterneva went on Shark Tank. Shark Tank is a reality television show where up-and-coming business owners present the current status of their company in hopes that an investor will assist them in reaching the next level. 

For Adelle and Garrett, Shark Tank ended successfully. Hotshot Mark Cuban fell in love with the entire premise of the company, believed in their mission, and chose to go into business with Eterneva. An Eterneva scam is not in the realm of possibility with credentials like Mark Cuban behind the name. The heart and soul behind this company are its founders, and they have put so much into the mission of giving those in the midst of heartache something special to hold onto. Mark Cuban saw this, took a chance, and the company continues to thrive.  

A Worthy Process

The process of making your memorial diamond takes so much thought and consideration. You will collaborate with our laboratory and our engraving and personalization team to ensure that your memorial diamond is exactly what you wish it to be. The process is time-consuming, but it is worth every minute just to ensure that your memorial diamond is perfect for you. 

Let’s get into the stages and time expected to create your memorial diamond.

  • Carbon purification: this stage takes several weeks to reach completion. Carbon found in the ashes of your loved one, that you provide, will be extracted, isolated, and purified. What remains after this process is carbon graphite powder.
  • Diamond growth: this stage is among the longest of the stages. Once the carbon graphite powder is ready, it is thrust into a laboratory environment that creates the perfect conditions to grow a diamond. This process could take several months.
  • Assessment: assessing the quality of your diamond is a very important step in the process. We need to make sure that your diamond stands the test of quality so that we give you nothing but the best. This is where we make sure the diamond fits the shape and size that you desire and deserve.
  • Diamond cutting: this stage takes roughly a month to complete. Experts will cut your diamond to give you the kind of cut you requested. This stage is also very important because cutting a diamond is what gives it that glorious sparkle that makes heads turn. 

Finally, once the diamond has undergone all these stages, your personal preferences can be met. With coloration, grading, engraving, and setting, you get to select what personal touches fit you and memorialize your loved one the best. You get to choose the color of your diamond, the grade is given to the diamond, and even an engraving can be lasered right onto the surface of the diamond. You also get to choose how the diamond is set so that it looks exactly how you want.

Make Something Beautiful 

Death and loss is never made easy. However, with time, beauty can come from loss. Create a memorial diamond to remember the beautiful life of your loved one forever.